One of the most widespread and popular interior design styles around the world is the contemporary style. The reason for this prevalent design is its focus on light, function, and its liberal approach to trends. It can be easily adapted by any family hoping to give new life to their home or wanting to settle into a new building, but first, you need to know a few basics.

What is Contemporary Style?

Contemporary style is unique in the sense that it has an evolving definition. It is whatever is trending now, but what that has meant for decades is a focus on light, neutral elements in a functional setting. In terms of style, you can have hints of previous design periods throughout, with one of the most popular today being mid-century design.

How to Decorate in Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is bright, airy, and easy to live in. The specifics of the design style are up to you, but to nail the basics of this great interior design trend, you will need to follow these tips:


1.      Know the Basics

When you think contemporary, you do not think about low ceilings, dark rooms, and uncomfortable furniture. There are no limits to interior design, but by following the basics of the contemporary style, you can improve the livability and health of your home.


2.      Build Up from the Background

Neutrals, light colors, and plenty of light are at the top of this design trend, but you should also follow it up with soft and durable fabrics and comfortable furniture. Think about the most significant elements of the room first, and build up from there to create a harmonious experience.


3.      Stick to Timeless Pieces  

One of the best parts about contemporary design is that it pulls from different ears to create a timeless look that will endure over the decades. Your children won’t look at your popcorn ceiling or wood-paneled basement with disdain, because at its core, the contemporary style aims for a timeless elegance that can be adapted throughout the ages.


4.      Focus On Light

One of the main hallmarks of the contemporary style is light. Plenty of natural light reflects off the neutral elements in the room to make it brighter and more energetic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider how window treatments can improve your design. You can get blackout, motorized blinds from, for example, and then enjoy complete darkness instead of artificial light coming into your bedroom. In your living room, you can make the room look taller and even enjoy more privacy by installing the right window treatments. As with everything, there are no hard and fast rules but do remember to think about how light plays with your everyday life and how to use it to improve your routines.


Contemporary can be more or less whatever you make of it, so long as it is a functional, brightly lit space that encourages harmony over, say, clutter. It suits most families and can be updated as you please because when it comes to interior design, the only opinion that matters is yours and those living there.