There are different elements that are necessary for creating a good-looking bathroom. To start with, consider stand alone tubs from Badeloft, which will make an exceptional focal point. A beautiful showerhead will also be essential, as well as luxurious faucets. Choosing the right tiles will also be critical. To complete the look, have a well-designed vanity. Read on and we’ll share some tips for creating the perfect vanity that will give the bathroom more character.


Choose the Right Top

One of the most important parts of the vanity is the counter. It should be a combination of both form and function. While it is important that the material looks beautiful, it should also be easy to maintain so that it will look spotless without the need to exert too much effort. Granite, marble, laminate, and quartz are some of the best options that are available. Pick a color and pattern that will match the overall design of the bathroom.


Pair it with the Right Sink

Designing the vanity is also all about picking the right sink. If the vanity is large, consider adding his and hers sink. If is it smaller than 1.5 meters, a single sink will be more than enough. If the color of the countertop is light, you can opt for a sink with a darker tone. For a more elegant look, consider using a floating sink design. For the best selection of standalone sinks, visit, which is also known for their incredible selection of a freestanding tub.


Pick a Layout

Another important consideration is the layout of the bathroom vanity, which will have an impact on its style. You might want to settle for a galley vanity layout, which will work best if space is not an issue. You can also have a horizontal vanity with one cabinet section.


Note the Measurements

When designing the bathroom vanity, the right measurements will also be necessary. From the height to the width, it should be suitable for the size of the bathroom. Make sure to evaluate your storage needs as well to determine the right size of the vanity that you will need.


Finish with Fixtures and Accessories

To wrap up your vanity design, choose fixtures to complete its appeal. From the cabinet hardware to the faucet, the fixtures should be fitted with the rest of the vanity. If the cabinet already comes with an ornate design, you can settle for a faucet with a minimal look. On the other hand, if you have simple looking-cabinets, you can choose more ornate knobs or pulls and faucets.


Aside from the fixtures, the accessories will also help to enhance your design. Some of the best accessories to have include a soap dispenser and towel rail. Choose accessories that will go well with the color of the top or the sink.


In sum, to create a beautiful bathroom vanity, make sure that you keep in mind the things that have been mentioned above. The right top, layout, sink, accessories, and fixtures are all critical elements for creating a vanity that gives the bathroom its own personality.