Having a good place to work at home is essential if you run your own business, or work from home on a regular basis. It can also be useful if you are studying part time or do something creative in your spare time that requires peace and quiet, like writing a blog or even working on a novel!

Whether you have a whole room to work with or just a part of one, there are some things that are key to making your work area comfortable, and a place that puts you in the right frame of mind to be productive.


Get Your Tech Set-Up Right

You’ll need a good workstation with all of the tech you want to use in the most comfortable positions. Using a docking station and a large monitor can be a lot more comfortable for working for long periods at a desk than using your laptop on its own, and the extra monitor space can also make it easier to do certain tasks. For some types of work, like web design or coding, it can be better to have more than one monitor, so you can look at both what you are working on and other materials and views at the same time. Remember that the set-up you can’t see is as important as the set-up that you can, so be sure to have all the important things like back-ups and recovery plans designed when you are deciding how you will work. See this website for more information about Secure Data Recovery.

Try and use as few devices as possible when it comes to other things, so you don’t end up feeling cramped. A multi-function printer that also works as a scanner, copier and fax can be a good option, for example, if you need those functions in your home office.


When you plan to spend a lot of time at a desk, you need it to be arranged in a way that will help you stay comfortable and able to maintain good posture. Be sure to choose a proper office chair rather than something like a dining room chair, which is adjustable and has wheels. Also consider whether you need things like rests for your wrists and feet.

Pleasant but Not Distracting

When it comes to the aesthetics of your space, choose things you like but which don’t distract you. Calming artwork on the walls will create a better environment than things like posters with lots of text or distracting images. Colors used should also be more on the relaxing end of the scale, so keep neon brights for a different part of the house if that’s what you’re into! Having things like reference books easily to hand but tidy and organized will also give you the efficient feel that you want for your home office.

As well as all this, make sure your office is well lit and ventilated, and that you can keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, so you have the best possible environment to work at your best in!