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We all know about the man cave—that solitary room in the home designated solely for the man, complete with giant-screened TV, pool table, comfy seating and possibly a refrigerator stocked full of his favorite after-hours drink. Yet, with baseball season just beginning, it seems like the perfect man cave might just be a sports room. Using your favorite sport team’s colors as the room’s color schemeis a great starting point, but there are other routes you could take to take your sports room to the next level.

Sports Memorabilia - Signed Baseball

Sport Memorabilia Displays

Some of the biggest sports fans own large collections of sports memorabilia. Maybe it’s a baseball you caught that landed in the stands, a vast collection of basketball cards that you’ve been collecting since the age of 15, or jerseys that you got signed by your favorite football players. Maybe it’s sports hats, pennants and equipment that you’ve acquired over the years. Whatever your sports memorabilia, beproud and display them! Find glass cases or frames in which you can show off your pride-and-joys to those who enter your space.

Entertainment Galore

If you don’t want to bask in your sports room’s glory alone, you may just want to consider designing your room so that it’s capable of entertaining as well. Sports Room - Vintage Baseball PosterFirst step, find comfortable seating for your guests to sit on—maybe a leather sofa or recliners. A giant-screened TV would also be an appropriate addition; maybe your sports room could double as sports room and theater, where all the guys can come to watch the big games of the season. If you’re entertaining often, you could go so far as to have a bar built into your sports room, complete with manly bar stools.

Vintage Sports Art

While posters of your current favorite sports player may be an obvious choice for your sports room, consider using vintage sports art and posters to line the walls. The pictures are appealing and add a touch of history. Not to mention, your sports memorabilia and vintage sports art will also serve as entertainment for your guests (and could even be displayed at the bar).


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