How to Include Multiple Sideboards for an Attractive Look in the Dining AreaAlthough the sideboard first made its appearance as a simple length of board placed across a couple of trestles, it has since evolved into an exceptional piece of furniture filled with character and charm. Panes of glass intersected by lines of glossy strips of wood offer an elegant appearance and provide an additional point of focus for a dining room. If you are enamored of this stylish example of functional furniture and wish to include several of them in your home’s dining room, simply follow a few suggestions to blend your pieces for an attractive presentation.

Optimize Your Arrangement | Blending several different styles, sizes, colors, or shapes is not an easy feat on its own. Ideally, you’ll be able to select sideboards featuring a varied appearance while also offering the opportunity to combine them gracefully. The key is to allow enough space to remain in between your sideboard placements so that you do not hamper the intended use of the room.

Create Contrast | Although you’ll want to arrange the entire contents of the room in an attractive presentation, you should focus on allowing each sideboard to stand out on its own as a unique piece. Mix sizes and shapes, while leaving sufficient space in between each pair of sideboards. An interior designer can assist you in selecting the best arrangement for your collection, but ideally, you’ll want to build a contrast that spotlights each piece without creating discord in the room. For example, a rugged sideboard featuring deep mahogany hues can easily create a positive and welcoming contrast with a painted, spindly sideboard offering tones of eggshell white.

Accessorize Each Piece | While sideboards were originally designed to provide much-needed space, today’s inclusion of them is often chosen for the dual purpose of offering beautiful elements of design in conjunction with purposeful functionality. Accentuate each piece using decorative touches that draw attention to the sideboard. From antique vases to elegant doilies or runners to beautiful sculptures, the available options are just as multifaceted as the sideboards you might arrange throughout the dining space. Consider the wall space in between your arrangement for the placement of artwork.