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The last few years have not exactly been kind to homeowners, particularly those who have been trying to sell their homes and start a new chapter in their lives. Luckily, as a new report from Forbes shows, the housing market has slowly been transforming back into a seller’s market over the last few months. In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, sales of existing homes are the highest they’ve been all year, with a noticeable increase of 2.4% in September.

Sales May Be Up, but These Design Trends Could Still Keep You From Selling Your Home
Even if the housing market has finally returned to form for homeowners looking to get rid of their homes, selling a home remains no sure thing. As Huffington Post reports, a number of homeowners have recently found out the hard way that no matter how many people are looking for homes in 2014, it won’t mean a thing if your house ain’t got that swing.
The biggest turnoff for many potential buyers, the source writes, are design missteps homeowners make when they don’t have the benefit of modern interior designers. Just as using the expertise of your local interior designers can improve the aesthetic and financial value of your home, choosing to go it alone and implementing some of the worst trends can actually kill your sales potential. Here are just a few of those trends any modern interior designers worth their salt will tell you to avoid:

A Garage That’s Not a Garage

If you don’t use your garage, it can seem like a really good idea to turn it into another room. That said, most buyers today want a place to park their cars that will keep them from being exposed to the elements. Keep your garage a garage to avoid getting snubbed.

Rooms Built for Pets

Especially if you have cats, building customized rooms that allow your pets to climb or otherwise get their exercise is a really great idea — that is, of course, unless you’re trying to sell your house. Buyers love homes that come with custom designed furniture that really fits the space, but that’s only if it’s furniture designed for humans. As a general rule, you should avoid letting your freak flag fly when it comes time to sell your home.

Tacky, Velvet Drapes or Ostentatious Wallcoverings

One of the biggest mistakes modern interior designers see when homeowners are struggling to sell their homes is the use of outdated drapes and wallcoverings that only act as eyesores. This isn’t the 1980s; loud colors and crazy designs befitting a pair of Zubaz are not going to earn you any points with potential buyers. Work with modern interior designers who can help you instill some excitement into your interior design without driving buyers off in droves.

Have your crazy modern wallcoverings or garish furniture scared off potential buyers? Tell us some of the trends you think homeowners should avoid when trying to sell a home.

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