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With winter just around the corner, there’s no better time that to start thinking about giving your garden and patio a makeover. It’s the perfect opportunity to make some changes whilst your garden isn’t getting used as much as in summer, so that it’s ready for when summer comes back around.

Check out our top ideas to decorate your winter garden and patio, so that it looks great all year round.

Use crushed rock

In beds or paths, look to utilise crushed rock. They’re a great alternative to mulch and they don’t need to be replaced, saving you time and effort in the long run. Crushed rock is incredibly durable, and also serves as great ground cover for xeriscapes or rock gardens. Lofts Quarries is a great supplier of crushed rocks for you to add to your winter garden.

Plant winter flowers

Plant some transitional flowers that will take your from summer to autumn, and autumn to winter. Having a pop of color in your garden will really bring your garden alive. Check what plants are best for your climate and bring some life to your garden year round.

Add some light

With the winter months bringing shorter days, adding some lights to your garden can help to give it some extra life. Some sparkly fairy lights in bushes or trees can add an ethereal feel to your garden, perfect over the winter months. If you get a fair bit of sunlight, look to utilise solar powered lights.

Include a focal point

Now is the time to invest in an interesting focal point. Perhaps a statue, water fountain or bird bath, all which can help to add an interesting feature to your garden. By integrating it now, you’ll have your garden all set up for summer as well.

Add warmth with cushions and throws

Just because it’s not summer anymore, doesn’t mean you should stop using your garden. Whilst this is not something you’ll leave out all winter, investing in some cushions and throws can help to make an outdoor area extra cosy when the temperature begins to drop.