Homeowners are becomingly increasingly aware of the consequences of ‘buy and throw’ furniture, which means when you buy a piece of furniture for your home, you use it for a few years till it gets old, and then simply throw it out. Not only is it uneconomical, but it also has a great damaging effect on the environment. Furniture restoration involves refurbishing and recycling old furniture; be it wood, plastic, aluminum, or even leather. The end result of this would be that the homeowner will end up having the furniture items which look and feel as good as new, without the need for investing in new furniture!



A Few Types of Furniture Restoration

1. Leather furniture restorations – for repairing any kinds of tears, rips, scratches and reupholstering job required on your old leather furniture.

2. Fabric repair – This is when a part of the fabric or the entire fabric of your furniture has been damaged, stained, or has simply become old and you would like to add a new look to it. The entire fabric or simply a part of the fabric can be changed and made to look like new.

3. Wood furniture restorations – This kind of furniture restoration can make your old, wooden furniture look as good as new, especially those old pieces which have a sentimental value to you and you do not want to discard just because it has become old or become damaged.


Advantages of furniture restoration
• It is economical! Investing in a new piece of furniture for your home can be quite expensive, however, there are times when you have a perfectly good piece of furniture at home, but it is slightly damaged or discoloured. In that case, it makes absolutely no sense to discard the furniture completely. Instead, getting that furniture restored is a better idea, as you will end up spending less money than you would on a new piece of furniture, plus you will end up having a completely new and fresh looking piece of furniture for your home!


• It is good for the environment! Most of the old furniture you throw out of your homes simply ends up in a dump or a landfill. Obviously, this kind of dumping is not good for the environment. Also, for each new piece of furniture which is produced in a factory, huge amounts of toxic substances and gases are released into the environment. By opting for furniture restoration, you will not only save your money, but you will also save the environment.


• It is unique and versatile! Furniture restoration gives you a chance to be completely unique, quirky and creative with your furniture. For some of the easier restorations, you can even make a DIY project out of it and have a fun activity at home with your family members. Showcase your unique sense of style and taste by restoring your furniture in your own way, allowing your home décor to shine out in a unique fashion.


• You get more options! By opting to restore your furniture, you can turn a boring old cupboard into a completely versatile and functional piece with a unique design. With the right kind of experts to help you with your furniture restoration, you can end up with a furniture piece in your home which is so unique and functional that it will have all your guests wonder in awe.
Restoring your furniture is not only an economical option for your home, but it is also environmentally friendly.


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