Inspiring Ideas to Optimize the Lavishness of Dark FlooringWhen you’ve chosen dark cherry hues in hardwood flooring or chocolatey tones in plush carpeting, the richness of the coloring can create a striking appearance that is both luxurious and appealing at the same time. Nonetheless, the end result can actually diminish the room’s appearance by making it look smaller than it actually is. This illusion makes the room’s dimensions look as though they’ve shrunken, particularly if your selection of furnishings enhances that effect.

An experienced interior designer can provide tips to help you to optimize the size of the room without the need to replace the flooring. In the meantime, you can use the following guidelines to counteract the effect of dark floors on the appearance of a room’s size.

Streamline the Room’s Appearance | Reducing clutter opens up the visibility of the floor and walls, adding to the spaciousness of the room. Take out anything that you aren’t using for decorative or functional purposes. If you use area rugs, consider using small ones that don’t take up much space. Choosing area rugs and tables with rounded edges can also make the room seem less cluttered.

Choose Light Colors for the Walls | Brightly colored walls can add an element of lightness to an otherwise “darkened” room. Choosing pale colors can help to create an illusion of expansiveness, while also presenting an opportunity to reflect illumination from light fixtures and make the room appear even brighter. Choosing lightly colored window treatments can also deliver a sense of spaciousness within the room.

Select Sufficient Lighting | For rooms in need of brightening elements, the lighting choices that you make are critical. It is essential that you select ambient (overall illumination), accent (visual interest), and task (for use with activities) lighting.  Combining all three types of light sources optimizes the opportunity to infuse a sense of spaciousness into the room using illumination.

Hire an Interior Designer to Assist in Presentation | Interior designers have the expertise needed to design a room optimally through a complementary selection of colors and patterns for walls, flooring, ceilings, and furnishings. If you’ve already invested in some of these elements of room design, professional assistance can help you to achieve your intended effect.