Inspiring Tips for Visually Dividing a Great RoomThe immense size of a “great room” provides a welcome opportunity to create zones that meet the individualized needs of your family. Intended to function as the family, dining, and living rooms of your home, this area is essential not only to provide a much-needed space for most family activities but also to serve as a focal point for your home’s floor plan. Breaking the room up successfully allows you to optimize its use while maintaining a comfortable environment throughout the space. Here is a look at several easy options that your interior designer can assist you with in order to accomplish your goal.

Architectural Details | Offering a distinctive appearance that is difficult to miss, architectural details such as cedar beams or decorative pillars can visually define the space of your great room. A fireplace in the living room not only provides warmth but also delivers a distinctive focal point that defines that space, while built-in book shelves assist in separating the family room from the dining area.

Layout Features | It’s important to keep in mind the layout of the home when choosing your zones. For example, you might want to place the dining area of the great room closest to the kitchen, or you could consider placing the family room as far away from the bedrooms as possible to minimize the noise that arises from TV watching, video game playing, and gathering with friends. An experienced interior designer can offer suggestions that have worked well for other clients, providing innovative ideas that might not have occurred to you otherwise.

Colors | Unifying the colors that you choose for each section of the room provides easily recognized zones. Ask your interior designer to assist you in your selection of a color palette for each area, being careful to rely heavily on neutral tones to anchor the remaining assortment of hues. Ideally, you can incorporate certain furnishings into your design to act as an underpinning for each zone. For example, you can select a boldly colored area rug for the family space, an elegantly designed table for the dining area, or uniquely styled sofa and armchair for the living room.