With the festive season in full swing, we’ll all be in the midst of decorating our homes ensuring they look positively seasonal! Christmas trees, holly wreaths, red ribbon and more, we want to create the perfect December ambience in our houses. It’s a special time of year, one we get together with family, catch up with friends and more often than not you’ll be welcoming those special to you into your home for a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie. You want your home to be cosy, and welcoming at this time of the year. It ties in well with the current interior trend of Hygge, which is all about enjoying the simple things in life and creating a cute, cosy environment.

We’ve got a few top interior tips for helping you to achieve that homely, comfortable feel!


Faux Fur Throws

A faux fur throw can add a beautiful touch to your home! Casually throw over the corner of your sofa or on the back of your dining room chairs to offer an inviting and seasonal look. Try and keep it neutral though, and opt for chocolate, mink and charcoal tones. A throw is the perfect winter warmer, and will look fabulous in homes of both a traditional and modern vibe. We love this luxurious style from Homeward Bound Interiors which also has a range of matching cushions to complete the overall look!

Natural Soy Candles

Candles are a must-have for creating a warming, elegant atmosphere, so make sure you dot a few of your favourite scents around your house. The flicker of a candle can be very therapeutic! Try and opt for natural, soy based candles with lead free wicks’ to ensure you aren’t breathing in any dangerous fumes. Natural brands such as Ecoya are great, and offer a range of beautiful scents to fill your home with such as pine and white musk.  You can’t beat the smell of Christmas trees at this time of year!

Knitted Cushions

Another interior must-have, plenty of comfortable scatter cushions! They can really draw the theme or colour scheme of a room together, plus they add extra comfort for both yourself and guests. Opt for a chunky knit style for the winter, then kick back and enjoy! Try and avoid any cushions with 3D detailing or beading, whilst they might look pretty, they won’t be practical OR very comfy.

Fresh New Bedding

Who doesn’t love new, crisp bedding? If you’re welcoming guests to stay at your home over the festive period then you might want to jazz up the spare bedroom for their stay. A gorgeous checked bedding set offers a cute rustic look and will look lovely in a neutral setting. Finish off the look with a knitted throw and faux sheepskin floor rug to tie in the cosy aesthetic, and don’t forget to dot a couple of candles around the room too!

 A Bookshelf of Favourites

There’s something about a bookshelf that just adds an element of ‘home’ to a house and can totally transform a room. Fill it with your favourite reads to create a cute and cosy snug corner of your home. Place an armchair nearby with a footstall to enjoy time out with a book and cup of hot chocolate. Sounds just perfect!

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights aren’t just for eight year old girls’ bedrooms! When styled tastefully, these can look gorgeous and bring an unbeatable warmth to any room. For Christmas time why not adorn your bannister with a string of lights? Or for an all-year round look, you could display a bundle of beams inside a lantern for a more subtle approach.

Follow these top tips and your home will be Christmassy and cosy in no time at all! This is definitely the season for unwinding, relaxing and enjoying time at home. Creating a Hygge worthy environment that both you and your close ones will enjoy is key, so open up a new tab and head onto your favourite home store to order a few cosy accessories in time for the festive break!