Kitchen Remodeling Tips Homeowners Can UseThe kitchen is one of the most often remodeled rooms within a home and with good reason. Drawing people in with promises of delicious food, bright lighting, and excellent conversation, the kitchen truly is the place where many families spend time together. So, of course, it’s the space that often undergoes a welcome upgrade in functionality as well as styling. Here are a few tips that can make this process go more smoothly, both for you as well as for your interior designer.

Design for Efficiency | Every kitchen should be designed to optimize the functionality of its space. For example, if you plan to do a lot of cooking, you’ll want to streamline the kitchen’s layout to promote ready access to the fridge, countertop, sink, and stove, enabling easy transitioning between cooking phases. Likewise, if you intend to incorporate the kitchen as a focal point for entertaining, you’ll want to include specific features that enhance your ability to do so.

Embrace an Open Floor Plan | If your kitchen is part of an open design, encourage its inclusion through careful use of colors, textures, and lighting. The flooring that you choose and the furniture utilized as the dividing element make a huge impact on the overall attractiveness of the room. Discuss your intended use of the space with your interior designer as well as your expectations for the ability of the kitchen to stand as a distinct entity as well as a blended component of the open floor plan. Doing so enables your designer to be on point more efficiently throughout the entire remodeling process.

Allow Your Lifestyle to Emerge during the Remodeling Phase | All too often, homeowners forget to consider what it is that they like along with what it is that they do. If you know that the children are going to gravitate to the kitchen for homework, it’s important to incorporate task lighting along with counter space or a work nook. Additionally, you need to consider how your family’s needs will transition over the next couple of years so you can incorporate the appropriate furnishings.