A paving stone-like piece of concrete compound which is mainly used for flooring especially in the exterior is known as Paver. Concrete pavers are often made by laying a mixture of concrete and some coloring agent and mold into a specific shape which is later left to set in. They are commonly done by building a strong foundation of concrete after which sand is spread on the top, which is then laid in the desired pattern. Actual adhesive is not used for this purpose. They can be used anywhere including driveways, roads, walkways, patios and other outdoor platforms.


Paver used in home

Before installing the pavers, it is better to have a fair idea of the most common types of paver available in the market.

  • Concrete: The most common type of manufactured paver is concrete. They are usually versatile, weather proof and durable.
  • Brick: They usually give a classic look to the area, are durable and are quite strong.
  • Cobblestone: It usually gives an old worn out feeling to the area.
  • Rubber: They are made of recycled tires and give a completely different look to the area. They do not need any kind of maintenance and are non-slippery.
  • Bluestone: They are a mixture of sand and other minute particles and are usually of bluish gray color.


Some info about the paver that can be installed in home


Brick paver is generally used to decorate the landscape. They are usually durable and can be installed easily. The paver can completely transform the look of the house. They not only increase the beauty of the home they are also quite functional as well. They are commonly installed in driveways, walkways and several other places. The paver materials are usually available in a wide range of options in numerous vibrant as well as neutral colors. The textures also vary from tumbled stones to smooth. The few ways that can be used to improve the look of the home with paver are explained below.

  • Driveway paver: The driveway is usually the first thing people notice about houses. A solid cement driveway is the traditional one and almost 90% of the houses have it. The driveway can be made unique by using paver. They would surely increase the value of the home.
  • Paver walkway: A paver walkway through the garden, all round the pool and up to the main entrance of the house would give a different appeal to the house. It also creates a surface that is sturdy as well as durable.
  • Paver steps: Creating the steps leading to the house using the same material as the walkway would impart a streamline and cohesive appearance to the house.
  • Paver columns: Lining the entrance of the driveway with paver columns would surely increase the aesthetic value of the house, as well as increase the glamor. The guests who would come to the house would feel special.
  • Paver planter boxes: These boxes are created for the herb garden or flowers in the garden or backyard of the house. They are quite durable and are a lovely addition to the house.
  • Pool deck: A paver pool deck is more durable, safe as well as easier to maintain that the traditional tile or cement pool deck. The residents would surely have fun playing around the pool.
  • Patio: Patio pavers are installed to create a complete entertainment surface in the open air. The design can be made custom according to your wish complemented by different colors to create innovative shapes and designs.
  • Paver fire pit: A permanent fire place can be built with the help of paver in the open air.