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What better place to start a conversation then here, the first place a guest will admire your home, the venue in which you’ll exchange your first few words, and the space of first impressions.

The foyer, or the front hall, means a lot of different things to different people depending on the nuances, personalities, and sizes of their homes. Most often, as the entranceway into the home, the homeowner will want the foyer to look as large and spacious as possible to create a grand welcome from the otherworld to the inner abode. A large, multilevel foyer may display the homes largest and most beautiful chandelier, a front hall ceiling in a smaller center hall colonial may be too low for such a thing.

No matter the size and shape of your foyer, knowing how to make smart lighting choices will help you optimize the space and make it look as grand as possible.

The obvious choices here are chandeliers, sconces and recessed lighting. The styles of these fixtures should match the motif of the rest of the home. Something to think about, however, are the wallcoverings and paint color choices surrounding these lights. The obvious choice here, to reuse or match paint colors from adjacent rooms, is not necessarily the best.

If you‘ve got a nice spacious foyer to work with, and the perceived size of the room isn’t a factor, then you might experiment with darker paint colors and more complex patters when it comes to wallcoverings. However, a smaller room will require a brighter, lighter color to widen up the space. In this situation, recessed lighting will help light the room, without intruding into the space.

One last consideration regarding foyers is functionality. Beyond the style and décor, the room serves as more than just a space for first impressions. It is a place where jackets are taken on and off, where shoes are tied and untied, where mail might be read, where there might be a mirror to make final adjustments in your appearance before leaving the house.

Because of this, task lighting is a factor. That mirror needs to be bright, or you might miss something in your teeth, or a small cowlick on the way out. That surface needs to be lit, or you’ll never find where you put down your opera tickets.

For surfaces in the foyer, go with lamps. It’s one more place for you to expand stylistic motifs within the home and flex your design sense. When it comes to the mirror, why not see our section on soffit lighting? And whatever you do, don’t miss our article on dimmer switch options to tie everything together.

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