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Do the shorter days of autumn and winter have an effect on your efficiency?  If your answer is yes, relax. You are not alone.

Scientists will tell us that the gloom of darkness and the happiness associated with sunshine is metaphorical; it rings true because as humans we are inherently sympathetic to our environment. But we are not its victims.  Our emotions are not casualties of the weather. Shorter days and gloomy weather can be guilty by association, but not causation.

Why? Because we are free to make choices that either better our disposition or worsen it. We vote for better, and we’ll give you some ideas on how to achieve it in your home.

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Plants have an important effect on our moods. The transition from summer can be challenging time for them. Dry air, temperature fluctuations, and reduced lighting send some indoor plants into a state of semi-dormancy. Others thrive in winter’s feeble light, adding vibrancy to the indoor landscape while purifying the air in our homes.

Success in the transition can be assured by selecting plants that can survive in low lighting conditions. Foliage plants are a popular choice for many indoor gardeners, as they tend to have low lighting requirements. While more demure than flashy flowering species, foliage plants add simple, stately beauty to your indoor décor.



Dry, dim winters indoors are ideal for Sansevieria trifasciata, commonly known as snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue. They prefer minimal lighting and well-drained soil, meeting its demise most commonly through well-intentioned over-watering. Described as “indestructible” by some growers, snake plants virtually thrive on neglect, making it an excellent plant for new indoor gardeners and green thumbs alike. Another must-have is for your indoor winter garden is the peace lily (Spathiphyllum sp.). Although they prefer more moisture than snake plants, peace lilies are easy to grow and tolerant of low lighting. The “closet plant,” as it is known, is unfazed by the limited daylight of winter and blooms year-round. Its sail-like white flowers contrast beautifully with its glossy green foliage, making the peace lily an attractive addition to your home.



Another plant that does relatively well with transition is the African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha). These velvet beauties prefer bright, indirect light, but they will remain content under balanced artificial lighting and in the gentle sunlight of winter days. New gardeners will find African violets to be both forgiving and rewarding, although they do require a bit more care and attention than other species.



H o m  e  L i g h t i n g  D e s i g n  I d e a s

Interesting and unusual home lighting options allow homeowners to express their creative side when decorating. All rooms require adequate lighting but normal flush-mounted lighting fixtures are not the only choice for illumination. Unique pendant fixtures, standing floor lamps and chandeliers offer unique choices for a wider array of decorating styles.

geometricGeometric Designs

Designers commonly make geometric-shaped pendant shades from thin plastic or paper cut into a specific geometric shape. This interlocks with itself, creating a lamp shade that wraps around the light fixture. According to the The Glow Company website, these shades usually come in pure white and attach to a simple ceiling mounted pendant lamp. The modern and artistic styling of these lamps makes them ideal for a loft or contemporary-themed home.

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cloudCloud Softlight

Cloud softlight are one-of-a-kind fixtures designed to softly light any room in your home. The Molo Design website says the lamp’s shade is woven from Tyvek, and resembles a soft, round throw pillow. The folds of the woven material diffuse the light and make the shade glow. The website recommends clustering them together to add enough light for the whole room or hanging a single lamp as an accent piece.

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whimsicalWhimsical Chandeliers

Homeowners searching for a cheery and playful lighting option for a kid’s room should consider a whimsically decorated chandelier. The Louise Antoinette Designs website recommends decorating a playroom or child’s bedroom with a chandelier decorated with figurines of cows sitting on moons, tea cups, or frogs. These unique light fixtures will also appeal to adults with a child-like sense of wonder.

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X-Ray Lampshapes

Adding a creative lampshade turns any normal bulb into a one-of-a-kind light source. The Apartment Therapy San Francisco website notes that designer Sture Pallarp creates beautiful and unique shades for lamps of all sizes from old X-rays. The black and white film diffuses and dims a bright light bulb and the light shines through the ghostly white images of various bones.

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Source : eHow Home


Y o g a  R o o m

Yoga provides a physical and spiritual retreat for many people. If you’re putting together a yoga room, lighting is a key consideration. You want sufficient lighting for your yoga activities; however, the lighting should also support the activity’s mood.


Yoga Room at Enlightened Way Wellness Center


  • A good yoga room, according to YogaWiz.com, includes lighting options for day and night. Large windows that let sunshine in during the day are ideal for day, but artificial lighting is also appropriate.


  • The style of light fixtures you choose should match the rest of the decor you’ve selected for the room. If you’re going for a Zen feel, steer away from modern, industrial-style light fixtures, for example.


  • Many yoga studios avoid direct overhead light. Gravitate instead toward floor lamps or Asian-inspired lanterns. Make sure the light is outfitted with dimmer switches so that you can adjust the brightness.

Source : eHow Home

Photo Source : enlightenedway.com


C R E A T I V E  W A L L C O V E R I N G S   &   I N T E R I O R S



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T R E N D I N G    N O W    |    N O V E L   L I G H T I N G


Designed by Jan Bernstein This time we bring Pendant Teelight to post that we present only for you. This is a Pendant Teelight lamp, a classic but very unique and unusual a lamp that you can add into the interior or your home. Its form is like an upside-down tea cup. This lamp comes with a light switch made to look like a tea bag tag. visit website >>


Classic British style meets fun modern design with these fabulous pendant lights made from authentic bowler and top hats. Fantastic as a pair just like Jeeves and Wooster or as singular pieces, these classic British cultural icons reflect a by-gone era of imperialism, class divide and true eccentricity. Perfect then, to uplight any room in your home with their delightful charm and personality. visit website >>


Mathmos Space Projector Light projects a rotating image of up to 1.5 meters in diameter onto a wall or ceiling. 
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Lumen lamp is an original series designed by Adam Frank, an internationally recognized artist and inventor. Lumen lamp throws a soft shadow on the wall when lit. As the flame flickers, the shadow moves about organically.

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Kapow is a looped and elasticated explosion of acrylic tubing. Best suited as a pendant shade, this shade really packs a visual punch & is a definate deviation from the norm.
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SoftwallT E X T I L E   S O F T  W A L L  +  S O F T B L O C K   L E D  L I G H T

White textile softwall + softblock comes to life when light transmits through its delicate pattern of translucent fibres and pleats. softwall + softblock modular system consists of building blocks and freestanding partition walls in a variety of sizes, two materials and three colours. All elements in the softwall + softblock modular system connect together with concealed magnets in an almost seamless way with the vertical joints blending with the rhythm of the vertically pleated structures. Recognized for its elegant innovation, softwall + softblock is a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. >>More Information about the Product

M a r r i a g e   o  f   n a t u r a l   l i g h t   &   t h e   r i g h t   c o l o r

w o r k s   w o n d e r s   f o r   h o m e   d e c o r


(ARA) – Mother Nature is a master decorator. In summer, she dresses the world in lush greens and vibrant floral hues. And in autumn, natural light is one of her most powerful designer touches.

Natural light should play an important role in your home decorating efforts, too. Not only does light from outside affect how certain colors look in your decor, it can influence a home’s mood, style and even the health of the people who live there.

Decorating with natural light doesn’t require a designer’s expertise or budget. You can use natural light to create an inviting atmosphere by keeping a few important points in mind:

The right direction

Light enters our homes from every window and every direction. The directional source of natural light can influence the effect it has on a home’s interior.

Sunlight entering from the north is usually colder. A northern exposure will only get direct sun during summer months. By contrast, a southern exposure guarantees a warm, sun-filled interior. Rooms that receive light from the east will have bright mornings, muted mid-days and cooler evenings. West-facing rooms will experience the most sun in the afternoon and evening.

You can also bring light into your home from above, through a skylight. No matter where you put one in your home, a skylight will allow you to admit the full scope of the day’s light into your decor – morning, afternoon and evening. Both venting and fixed skylights will offer the benefit of allowing you to control the amount of light that enters through it if you add simple accessories like manual or remote-controlled blinds. Tubular skylights, like Velux’s Sun Tunnel brand, can create a different effect by bringing diffused sunlight into spaces where you might not be able to put a traditional skylight, such as a first-floor master suite or a closet.

You can learn more about skylights at www.veluxusa.com. You can download a free app on the website for personal devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods and Androids that allow you to see how different skylights will look in your own home. Simply take pictures of your rooms and place skylights in the images until you’ve found the ones that work best for you.

Color Coding

The colors you use in your home decor will react differently under different natural lighting conditions. For example, reds will look vibrant and cheerful in a room that gets sun from a north-facing window. But those same colors might overpower the decor in a west-facing room. Settings with a southern exposure that brings in ample light can withstand a darker color palette that would make a north-facing room feel dark and dreary.

You can balance the changing sunlight of an eastern exposure with a mix of colors. And neutral colors will create a soothing effect in a west-facing room that captures the sun’s fading light in the late afternoon and early evening.

When choosing colors that will relate well to a room’s natural light, remember that the color will look different in your home than it does on the paint chip or in the home decor store. By keeping these rules of thumb in mind, you’ll be able to select color families that are most likely to work well with a room’s natural light.

Image Caption 1: Electric venting skylights, operated by remote-control, offer natural light, passive ventilation, decorating flair and the ultimate in convenience – plus they close automatically in case of rain. 2: Sun Tunnel tubular skylights can provide abundant natural lighting for areas that don’t have vertical windows.Source : ARA


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