Luxurious Bathroom Amenities for Lavish LivingWhile it might not be a hidden retreat, a carefully designed bathroom can provide sumptuous amenities that readily transform the most intimate room in the home into a spa-worthy sanctuary. Opulence can come from any corner of the room – lighting fixtures, decorative mirrors, the tub, flooring choices, accessorized fixtures, and wall coverings. Grandeur comes in many forms, whether you choose shimmering surfaces for a captivating visual effect or modern silhouettes for a contemporary look.

Modern Conveniences | For a welcoming touch of relaxing bliss, fill your bathroom with all of the modern conveniences so readily accessible today, including:

  • Heated flooring
  • Steam shower
  • His-and-her vanities
  • Super size walk-in shower
  • Dressing area of to the side
  • Oversized skylights
  • Remote-controlled toilet with a bidet, self-cleaning functionality, and nightlight
  • Deep soaking tubs
  • Stone vessel sinks
  • Zinc tub
  • Posh hardware
  • Glass mosaic tiles
  • Two-person rain showerheads
  • Sound system/television

Luxurious Features | The tactile qualities offered by a variety of traditionally elegant finishes can transform your master bath from sensible to gloriously exciting. If you aren’t quite sure what you want to incorporate into the end product, consult an interior designer for ideas. While inspiration can come from anywhere, a trained professional has the expertise needed to create pure luxury through the following strategies:

  • Adding reflective elements (chrome, brushed nickel, stainless steel, copper, and bronze accents) capable of infusing heightened illumination
  • Creating intrigue with contrasting geometric designs in the textiles chosen for the room
  • Adding drama and intensity with backlighting
  • Encouraging complex designs through the use of striated marble, granite, and copper accents
  • Creating a seamless transition by using the same materials throughout, allowing the bathtub and vanities to flow into the backsplash in a seamless transition
  • Mixing it up a little by combining natural stone elements with the high sheen of marble

Whether you choose the stylish simplicity of singular patterns or the complexity of remarkably diverse designs, each element that you include immediately becomes a part of the sumptuous glamour that you’ve created. With a little thought and guidance, you’ll easily be able to create a sophisticated bath designed for the man of the home or a feminine sanctuary for the woman.