If you are planning to give your bathroom a makeover and the budget is tight, then consider upgrading the Shower Screen. Shower Screens are available in a variety of stylish designs ranging from classic to modern designs which can easily give your existing bathroom a brand-new look without breaking your bank by undergoing full renovation. The options for designs are literally limitless, whether you are undertaking a new shower screen, feature wall or a complete makeover. But before moving ahead it is necessary that you know the different types of screens which are available for bathroom renovation within budget. Below is the list of some recommended screens which are commonly used today in modern bathrooms for a better and enhanced look.

The Framed Shower Screens

You might have noticed that a fully framed shower screen is a popular choice now-a-days in many modern bathrooms. It not only offers you with the full enclosure made out of glass and supported by aluminum frame, but also enhance the overall appeal of your bathroom. Since it is available in a variety of configurations, they are perfect for bathrooms regardless of their size and shape with high quality and durable construction. The fully framed Shower Screens are considered the perfect choice for homeowners that are on tight budget for bathroom renovation. These fully framed screens not just only enhance the appeal of your bathroom, but also deliver supreme level strength and optimal performance.

Semi Frameless Shower Screens

Another option that you may choose for your bathroom is the semi frameless Shower Screens. The elegant lines of these screens give a contemporary look to this classic design It would offer the strength of framed screens and the sophisticated design of the frameless screens. So, you can enjoy both the features with a single screen if you install it. It is considered to be the great choice for bathroom where durability and style are required. There are some models that feature beautiful designs and they are the great choice for any small or big bathrooms.

Frameless Shower Screens

If you are not satisfied with the framed screens, then the best alternative is the frameless screens. You may go with frameless shower screens which are sleek and minimalistic in design as compared to the framed counterparts. The frameless models come with a modern, yet simple design of a glass panel that is magnificently supported by minimal hardware options. It is the great alternative for any small bathrooms with limited space. These frameless shower screens features sublime minimalist lines which ensures you to achieve the decorative objectives of your bathroom. These frameless models are designed by keeping the highest standards in mind and for sure it would keep the bathroom look appealing.

Sliding Door Shower Screens

Sliding Door Shower Screens are also a great choice for bathroom renovations with modern elegance and maximum flexibility. These are the screens that offer similar space for bathing as the closed enclosures and as the same implies the doors don’t open in and out, instead it slides and saves lots of space in your bathroom. They are considered to be the best shower screen choice for the bathroom spaces with limited space. It also has one or both panel slides which offers a simple solution for double-ended shower rooms. This is the type of shower screen that can make immediate impact on a new bathroom and add appeal to any existing old bathroom.


There are also other models to choose from ranging from pivot door shower screen to Bi-Fold door shower screen to quadrant shower screen and fixed panel shower screen. Replacing the existing shower screen with any of these models would give a mini makeover to your bathroom without breaking your bank. You can find many supplies of these Shower Screens and by comparing the deals online you can get the option to save money. These screens are all functional and also give an appealing to your existing bathroom.