Sanding wooden floors is one of the best ways by which one can use to enhance the light as well as the warmth of the home. Polishing as well can add style and creative appeal if only done in the right manner. Sanding at most times should be done before polishing, because polish can focus on the areas which have flaws. Sanding floors is not a threatening task and it does not matter if one chooses to hire a professional or do the task alone.


By using the Floor sanding and polishing process, the wooden floor’s style and beauty can be restored and it can create a versatile and classy floor covering that is both long-lasting and good-looking. Listed below are some of the other benefits that one can experience from the Floor sanding and polishing process:


  • Wooden floors tend to get damaged and faded with time. Instead of investing on some decorative carpet rugs or getting the flooring material changed, the most cost effective option is to get the sanding and the polishing done. This will not only impart a perfect look to the floor but will also provide a healthy and a clean environment.
  • The Floor sanding and polishing process can help in changing the look of the entire room and the stairs as well; in fact, it can give a fresh new look. Visitors may think that the flooring has been changed in the recent times.
  • In addition to this, sanding and polishing can help in preventing early ageing that usually results from exposure to sun rays, extreme and harsh climatic condition, and rains as well as due to hefty foot movement and use of cheap cleaning products.floor-polishing
  • Moreover, this helps in removing dirt, microorganisms such as bacteria and because of which the wooden floor gets sterile and spotlessly clean.
  • It helps the floor to maintain its sheen and luster and enhance its durability and resilience.
  • Polishing wooden floors is simple. All one needs are an excellent furniture polish and a dust rag. If there are any dirt or other marks on the floor, clean them off with a wood-approved cleanser before polishing the area.


So, it can be said that Floor sanding and polishing process can provide lots of benefits to the floor. However, before getting the process done by a professional or if done on own; one must know the basic method that is used for completing the entire procedure. Sanding a floor is a challenging procedure as if done in a wrong way it can cause deeper damage and scratches to the floor which can become very hard to rectify. Listed below are some of the simple methods by which the sanding of the floor can be done:


  • Use a drum sander to sand the entire floor in one direction. Follow the direction of the grain to move the drum sander.
  • Once the sanding process is completed, sweep the floor and vacuum clean it.
  • Use a lint free cloth to get rid of any dust and dirt on floor.

Once the sanding is done, start with the polishing procedure that will include steps as:

  • Apply polish as per the direction of grains of the wood.
  • Smoothen out the polish to avoid uneven polish.
  • Allow at least twenty-four hours of time for the polish to dry.

The wooden floors are designed to stay perfect for years to come with a very little care and maintenance. However, one should at least consider Floor sanding and polishing them as a little maintenance can go a long way.

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