Reflections on Good Taste

Some of the earliest mirrors were made of obsidian, stone, copper and bronze. Metal-coated glass mirrors are said to have been invented in Sidon (modern-day Lebanon) in the first century AD.
Glass mirrors backed with gold leaf are mentioned by the
Roman author Pliny in his Natural History, written in about 77 AD.


Here are some modern mirrors that will brighten any room.


Feature Photo; “Sea Anemone” by Galerie Canavese, Paris.

Top Left; “Lotus Flower” by Kathy Kuo.  Top Right; “Jesters” by Blackman Cruz.

Middle Left; “Landry” by Carmel Decor.

Bottom Left; “Quatrefoil” in Buffalo horn inlay by Kathy Kuo.

Bottom Right; Leather Hanging by Kathy Kuo.