Today’s top retail architects are responsible for creating some of the trendiest buildings in cities around the globe. If you want to see which designs are trending, you could just look to see what products are selling well and then you’ll have your list. At the moment, here are the retail designs that are trending.


1. Hi Tech and Futuristic Design

Some of the trendiest retail architecture is in the form of hi tech and/or futuristic design. Of course it is easy to see why. Technology infiltrates literally every aspect of our lives and so there is a hi tech store on just about every corner. From computer technology to mobile phones, each of these has a very distinct look that is sharp and modern and typically well-lit with LED lighting systems. Most hi-tech stores are done in black, white and lots of chrome.

2. Feminine and Warm

Architect Peter Marino won an award for his inspirational Chanel outlet in 2004 and previously for his design of Estee Lauder Plaza in 1999. What could be softer, warmer and more feminine than something designed and sold by Chanel or Estee Lauder? It is easy to see why warm, feminine designs are trending. From Fendi, to Chanel to Estee Lauder, these still rank among the most popular designer products for women and will continue to do so for years to come.

3. Adapted Logical Design

One of the trendiest ‘adapted logical design’ elements today takes example from designs of the Far East. Many of today’s retail outlets are laid out like Chinese shops with stools, decorative screens, and doors that resemble ancient portals. Design of the building is carried through to the interior and the end result is a mystical journey through time and space. Lots of red and gold are worked into adapted logical design and whether employed in a jewelry store or a small ethnic food shop, the design elements are reminiscent of China and Japan.

4. Luxurious Marble

Some of the trendiest jewelers have their stores designed with marble throughout. From marble exterior walls to high gloss marble interior walls, the theme is carried throughout. Marble is also carried through to floors and counter tops and is a hard and highly resilient material, although a softer stone, that withstands years of wear and tear. Think of some of the most luxurious buildings around the world and you will certainly begin to see that marble is a common element.

5. Commercial / Industrial

Living in a world where DIYers reign supreme, it is not unusual to see many retail stores designed with a commercial or industrial style. These stores typically sell building materials and furnishing and tend to lend an air of authenticity to the brand. Industrial design for retail stores is often quite devoid of color so you will see monochrome for the color scheme.

Oddly, there are so many types of retail stores trending among consumers at the moment that you are not likely to see one type of architecture dominant in a community unless there are an inordinate amount of shops within that niche in town. However, if you look at the outline of the building as it is being constructed and then the colors as they are added in the final stages, you almost don’t need to see the retail signs being hung. You can tell by the trendy architecture at least 9 out of 10 times what kind of retail shop is being erected. Thanks to trends in architecture you don’t even need to wait for the press release and that’s a really amazing fact.