Monochromatic is one of the most often used design schemes, as it is long term friendly and will except updating easily.  When using one color you may want to utilize a color wheel going up and down from the original color as well as across the wheel, this will give you varying hues of the same color creating an interest and movement.

A monochromatic room works well in any design style from French country, modern, traditional, to transitional and more. Remember various textures bring more interest in a monochromatic room. Use cotton velvets, linens, leathers, tone on tone patterns, mix your woods and metals, all to bring your room to its completion.

The monochromatic scheme will stand the test of time. As trends come and go simply add a new color in small affordable items such as lamps, pillows, and accessories. This will make you feel as though it is a new room.

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