Optimizing the Size of a Room with Sloped Walls to Inspire a Sense of Lavish LivingExperienced interior designers understand the importance of infusing smart ideas and blending multiple elements of a room in order to optimize existing features. This ability is essential in rooms with less-than-desirable features such as the presence of sloped walls. While you might have the option to make structural changes, this isn’t always a feasible idea. What can you do when one of your rooms has a sloped wall that makes it appear small and cramped?

Monochromatic Coloring | Rather than papering the walls, you might want to select a light shade of paint that can be used to create the illusion of spaciousness. You can carry this effect over to the entirety of the room by choosing a lighter hue for the ceiling. Avoid the impulse to choose the same color for the ceiling and walls because doing so makes the room appear smaller since the ceiling now looks lower than it actually is.

Redesign the Sloped Section | Depending on the angle and location of the sloped ceiling, you might be able to redirect the slope in order to create a new element within the room. For example, you might want to build an interior half-wall or two that can be used to create bookshelves or a short closet.

Select Sufficient Lighting | Choosing all three types of lighting (ambient, task, and decorative) can help to make the room well-lit, giving it an illusion of spaciousness. Track lighting, ceiling fixtures, sconces, and floor lamps can all add to the brightness of this space.

Minimize Your Furnishings | Keep the number of furniture pieces in the room to a minimum. This strategy avoids making the room appear even smaller than it is. Place shorter pieces beneath the lowest end of the slope and taller furniture items in the area that is unaffected by any sloping.
Optimizing the Size of a Room with Sloped Walls and/or Ceilings | Don’t allow a sloped ceiling to cut into the spaciousness of a room. Hire an interior designer who can provide you with innovative ideas or use some of the tips presented in this article. Colors, furnishings, and rebuilding can all be used to open up the space!

Photograph courtesy of mydomain.