Look around you. Most of the surfaces in your home can be resurfaced or revamped to make them seem fresher, newer, and more visually stimulating. The tried and true method of redecorating your space is varying the sizes, colors, and textures of your wallpaper, fabrics, rugs, curtains, or accessories. But most people tend to shy away from switching up patterns or incorporating new prints…. why is that?

Patterns and prints are not to be feared! They can be an exciting and unique touch to incorporate into any part of the home, as long as they are thoughtfully aligned with the existing design.


Think about your everyday living space- where can you add a little visual pizzazz? Don’t think you have to go big and bold- this actually can be a little intimidating.  Instead, incorporate a simple pattern, with colors that blend well with those already used in the space. Neutral stripes in a subtle variation of your pre-existing wall color, or a muted version of other accent colors in the room can add height and space to a small room. Whether the stripes are chevron, vertical, or horizontal, these will add length or height to your space. Striped fabric in an accent color can also be a great choice for any chairs or rugs in the space, just make sure the pattern complements the larger stripes on the wall!



For those willing to try something with a little more “risk-factor”: explore the possibilities of a pattern such a paisley, polka-dot, or floral, for an eye-catching addition to any aspect of the room. Since these are patterns that can come off as “busy”, they can enhance accent pillows or cushions, small chairs, or rugs, without overwhelming the room. Use colors that will compliment the rest of the design scheme, and the prints will stand out on their own, yet still remain subtle enough to blend in with your overarching aesthetic.



Vacation homes may be the best places to experiment with thematic design.  You are only there for a few weeks every year, and the separation from the constraints of everyday life means you can be bold with your choices! For a vacation home by the sea, an obvious choice would be fabrics, colors, and patterns inspired by the ocean. Navy blues and crisp whites may be your go-to choices, but don’t be afraid to incorporate a few nautical patterns and prints to draw some visual interest . Seaside inspiration can be pulled from prints using anchors, ropes and more. Natural themes include waves or shells- just watch out for “kitschiness”. Or don’t! It’s your vacation home, and it is yours to enjoy.


Patterns and prints can be incorporated anywhere in the home, from the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, to furniture, accessories, or even appliances. To perfectly match your existing decor, you can design your own fabric or wallpaper at spoonflower.com. You can also shop for upholstery fabric at calicocorners.com, or even buy some patterned appliances at Target.