Convent Station, New Jersey, Morris County

“It was customary during the years Glynallyn Castle was being built (1913-1917) to have a special room for the lady of the house called a Bower – a private space to withdraw, read, embroider, or focus on an interest. Today, Grace Allen would be a strong, creative woman with style, imagination, and knowledge about creating a beautiful home after decorating the 66 rooms in Glynallyn. She would heed the words of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a prominent novelist and feminist during the late 1800s, who paved the way for women to have their own careers:

“To be surrounded by beautiful things has much influence upon the human creature: to make beautiful things has more.”

Allan would be a career woman, an Interior Designer, who creates beautiful rooms. The juxtaposition of the room between the kitchen and dining room is the perfect workplace for a home office – while tending to her family in the kitchen, she can make business calls at her desk, and when not entertaining, the dining room table is a perfect work space to lay out projects and meet with clients. The room’s varying shades of mocha brown accented with lemon yellow, and the architectural details and warmth of the upholstered walls add a modern day elegance.

“Lady Allen’s Bower” from Mansion in May 2012 at Glynallyn