Having a swimming pool with the home is a beautiful and a royal addition to the space. There are different types of swimming pool designs as well as pool surrounds which can be installed to enhance the look and feel of the pool area. The space surrounding the pool area is where usually friends and family will socialize with one another. This area will be complementing the personality and style of the pool. If you have an old pool in the garden you can drastically modify it by choosing versatile and attractive pool surround material choices.

Even few years ago the collections of pool surrounds were very less but today the scenario has completely changed. There are a plethora of natural as well as man-made materials which can be chosen to create the pool surround.


1) Concrete Overlay: Concrete overlay based pool deck is an excellent pool surround which can be used to replace the conventional wood, stone or slate. This material is slip resistant and hence adds safety from accidental slips and falls. Concrete as an overlay can be used for a majority of surfaces and texture and colour can be added to the overall design of the pool surround. Based on the personality of the pool and the homeowner, designs can be chosen. Concrete is also good for increasing durability.

2) Wood-based composite plastics: Natural wood, when used as pool surrounds often get splinted and faded with time. Wood composite based plastics, on the other hand, will be free from these drawbacks. One more advantage of this material is that it requires very few maintenance efforts. Add this non-slippery material to your pool surrounding area and give the pool area years of the safe and beautiful platform. Wood-based composite plastic is created from recycled materials. They do not need painting, sealing, waterproofing or staining. Just a little maintenance and the wood plastics will remain nonchalant forever.

3) Paving: Slabs found in the market for paving comes in versatile materials. Some are cost-effective while some are luxurious. Natural or concrete based stone slabs are rough and when walked over them on bare feet can sometimes cause damage. If on the other hand marble or other natural stones are used as paving over the slabs, they will not just look good but also be safe for children and adults as they are non-slippery in nature.

4) Tiles: Another material used for pool surrounds construction is tiles. Tiles come in a plethora of design and patterns. Tiles are the basic product of a pool. They withstand weather and natural temperature conditions and lasts a lifetime. Non-slippery porcelain or ceramic are the best options to choose in tiles to accentuate the natural beauty of the pool surround. They are easy to clean and look exclusive and new always.

5) Use of artificial grass: If you visualize providing the pool surrounding area a realistic look and feel you can use artificial grass. You can give greenery to the surroundings without much hassle. These artificial glass options come with a high salt or chlorine content and hence can tolerate water splashes from the pool. A soft and cushioned base offers stable protection if someone falls.

6) Resin bound paving: Resin bound paving offers feet friendly, non-slip and smooth surfaces. These pool surround material can be given a sealed finish and is permeable in nature. They are available for a large number of textures and colours which are appropriate for the different theme of homes. If they are maintained in a correct manner, they can offer a life span of even more than 25 years.

Take help of some of the best landscape designers to help design your pool surrounding area as per your style and budget. Whether you get it tired, decked, turned, and paved the design will only look good if it reflects your home design and theme.