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Everyone has an individual style that is as unique as their personality. When you visit someone’s home you can see expressions of their individuality through their design preferences and color choices.

When it comes time to paint or decorate the living room, dining room or bedroom, most people have a “go-to” color choice that they prefer and feel comfortable with. Usually, and maybe without you realizing it, one color dominates as the preferable theme of your room or house. When it comes to your home’s color palette, what do your favorite hues say about you?

People who choose shades of blue are generally peaceful and compassionate, and may have a quiet personality. Psychology Today says that lovers of blue desire harmony and stability and are thoughtful of others. Blue is one of the most popular colors to paint walls, and since it comes in an endless array of shades and hues you can pick one that is unique to your strong, compassionate personality.


Everyone thinks of passion and romance when they think of the color red, but it also stands for health, strength and vitality. According to, people who choose red are generally outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive. It can be difficult to decorate with red without being overpowering, so try using pops of the color here and there. A red coffee table, throw pillows or red window treatments can subtly display your custom colors without becoming overwhelming.


EHow suggests that people who love yellow are intellectual and idealistic and love freedom and adventure. While this color may seem too bright to decorate with for some, picking some staple pieces, like a golden wheat-colored sofa or a bumblebee-yellow accent wall, can give your neutral room that creative, adventurous feel that your personality craves.



“Purple people” tend to be artistic, emotional, unconventional, and playful. Known as the color of royalty, purple evokes a sense of grandeur and fantasy. According to “Empower Yourself with Color Psychology,” people who are into purple also have a great respect for other human beings and like to help others. Shades of this color add that extra flair that your decorative style desires.


Green is the color of balance, nature, life and love. While most people think of red as the color of love, points out, “green is about expansive, humanistic love and acceptance, not bodice-ripping romance.” People who love green love the world and tend to decorate their house to accommodate that. Using natural colors and plants to decorate can help you feel balanced in your home.


Orange lovers are outgoing and love being in the center of it all. Orange has recollections of red and gold and takes the best from both colors, being both romantic and empowering. People who are fond of orange crave challenges in their life and decorating with orange can definitely be a challenge. Using orange shades in moderation and as accents can reflect your inner style without being overpowering. Amber tones can add a feeling of coziness and nostalgia, while brighter oranges can emanate happiness and vitality.

Color-Choices-GrayBrowns, Grays and Neutrals

People who tend toward browns, grays, and other neutral colors often are minimalists and like to keep life simple. Loving neutral colors doesn’t mean you are boring, it means you are practical, dependable and stable- but it also indicates versatility, and the ability to fit yourself to any situation. Real Simple suggests that decorating with neutral tones leaves the door open for more decorating possibilities- you can accent with any color you like, even if you change your mind every month.

What are YOUR go-to colors? Let us know in the comments below!