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(ARA) – Whether your home is an expression of clean-lined modernism in stainless steel and glass or a warm and worn harmony of earth tones and antique furnishings, an often-overlooked element of home style is the unseen atmosphere that you breathe. Customizing a unique palette of aromatic style is an expression of your personal taste.

More importantly, if you want a home that’s toxin-free, you’ll want to select fragrance options carefully, and not choose synthetic options. Synthetic scents are often very obtrusive and lack the subtle nuances of 100 percent pure essential oils.

When you find an essential oil blend suited to your style, it’s easy to incorporate the scent into one or more natural and stylish home scenting options. For more information about using essential oils in your home, visit

Fabric freshening mist: Combine 4 ounces water and 24 drops of the oil blend in a small spray bottle. Shake vigorously and lightly mist curtains and upholstered furnishings.

Candle lamp diffusion
Ingredients: 1/4 cup water 10 to 12 drops essential oil blend
Directions: Place 1/4 cup water in bowl of diffuser lamp. Add 10 to 12 drops of the oil blend. Light candle and warm the liquid to release the aroma.