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Photography By: Kevin Winter

While watching the Oscars Sunday evening with all the trendy fashions and styles, my thoughts moved away from what people were wearing to the influence of film and interior design.My first love in film is old movies and for many reasons: the suave and glamorous actors and actresses, the intricate costumes, and of course the scintillating dialog. But interior design is my passion and many times my focus turn towards the character’s home rather than the story.

The movie sets of the 1930s and 40s always stop me in my tracks, but great design is great design and other generations have also provided inspiration and enhanced my approach.

In the 1934 comedy “Dinner at Eight” Jean Harlow’s bedroom is way over the top yet it works perfectly for her character.2
A 2007 Architectural Digest article on set design in movies featured the 2003 Romantic Comedy “Something’s Gotta Give”In the film Beth Rubino was commissioned by Director Nancy Myers to create a substantial Hamptons house for Diane Keaton that needed to reflect Keaton’s character, a successful and accomplished New York playwright in her mid-50s.Read More About this Article >>

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