Renovation and decoration of house is an ongoing process and it continues to bolster its resale values in the real estate market. Floor to ceiling wardrobe plays a very important role in optimizing the storage space of the house without any problem. Superb design and colors are the primary factors that have made the product a cynosure of all eyes. While purchasing this unique furniture, you need to follow certain guidelines so that quality is acquired at cost effective prices. They are as follows:


  • One of most important advantages of buying the floor to ceiling sliding wardrobe doors is to provide effective storage space to the users.
  • The furniture should be attractive in design and functionality. Since the space is optimized, homeowners can save a lot of money by purchasing additional furniture for decoration.
  • In addition, mirror doors are available to brighten up the surroundings at a fraction of the cost.


Fabulous design elements:

  • While selecting the sliding doors, you can choose from contemporary and traditional styles based on the requirement and specifications.
  • The former consists of minimalist design with streamlined features more suited for urban living.
  • Moreover, the stylish wooden effect accompanied by an amalgamation of glass as well mirror can enlighten the homely ambience with a trail of brightness.
  • Sliding doors are enmeshed in chic colors and blend seamlessly with the other furniture in the vicinity.
  • Traditional style is generally defined by the presence of the oak wood considered to be an important component of the sliding door.
  • Furthermore, white décor panel along with a full-length mirror could be introduced to deliver a startling impression on the people.
  • Selection of the color is vital as it helps to make the design look sophisticated and classy. It is fully capable of enhancing the appearance of any traditionally styled room.


Awesome interior storage:

  • While choosing the sliding doors, make sure that the interior space is properly configured to stock the wardrobes.
  • A range of interior packages such as BASIX and aura are available to the customers. Hanger bar belonging to the former version can be customized according to the size of the storage space.
  • One the other hand AURA hanger bars are very popular for possessing telescopic properties and could easily be adjusted according to the requirements.
  • Prior to the installation of furniture, one should measure the distance of the ceiling from the floor. It will assist in creating the ward robe doors of similar dimension.

Selecting a suitable interior kit:

  • There are three bed room kits for the sliding door wardrobes namely bedroom Kit1, bed room kit2 and BASIX interior kit.
  • First option in the list can cover a room extending up to 1.35 m and height of 2.7m. The second one ranges from 2 to 3.5 m and extends till the height of 2.7meter.
  • The third option can be customized as its size can increase or decrease based on the storage area.



  • The sliding door is known for its durability, therefore you should purchase furniture made of hard wood as it would last for a very long time and withstand rough usage without any problem.
  • Softwood should be avoided as it tends to expand when exposed to the moisture in the air.
  • The sliders must be smooth so that they could be opened and closed on a consistent basis like a well-oiled machine.


Online websites

  • In order to purchase the sliding wardrobes doors log on to the website and select from a wide array of options, which can provide top quality at unbelievable prices.
  • From above write up, we can conclude that by following the guidelines, it is possible to get one of the most versatile furniture.