Soffit is pronounced like “saw fit” with the accent on the first syllable, as in “firstly, she saw fit to keep everyone confident with their pronunciations.” It is a derivative from the Latin suffigere or “fasten under”. That’s all it is, an architectural term for a light fastened under a hanging structure. It is a cousin to the word suffix, which hangs off a word in a similar way. Enough with entomology, what do I really need to know about it?

Soffit lighting can be used beneath shelves, gables, cabinets, tables, etc… It can be direct or indirect and, as the source of the light is hidden, creates a nice ambient glow effect. It can be used in a large variety of ways and is great for staircases, bookshelves, mantels, illuminating art, and creating beautiful light and shadow juxtapositions.

Soffit lighting and sensible wallcovering choices by themselves can create a myriad of effects in a room, and warrants exploration to unlock amazing, understated possibilities.

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