How To Design Your Sports Room

We all know about the man cave—that solitary room in the home designated solely for the man, complete with giant-screened TV, pool table, comfy seating and possibly a refrigerator stocked full of his favorite after-hours drink. Yet, with baseball season just beginning, it seems like the perfect man cave might just be a sports room. Using

Walk-In Closet Design

The walk-in closet may not be the most visited room in the home, but that doesn't mean it deserves less attention than any other room. We go inside our closets everyday to pick out an outfit, so don't let our clothes be the only trendy thing inside. Let's make our walk-in closets' designs trendy as well. How

Productive Spaces

Let’s face it: appearances matter.  From the cars we drive to the food we eat, images play a central role in our perception of the world around us.  When we go on a job interview, we dress professionally so that even our clothing exudes competence and expertise.  Our homes and offices are no exception to the

Monochromatic: Your Long Term Design Plan

Monochromatic is one of the most often used design schemes, as it is long term friendly and will except updating easily.  When using one color you may want to utilize a color wheel going up and down from the original color as well as across the wheel, this will give you varying hues of the same


I love color and have been using it expressively ever since I can remember. As a child I loved nothing more than exploring with the variety of colors in that exciting box of 64 crayons, complete with the built-in sharpener of course! During my teenage years, I would spend hours in my room with canvasses, paints,

“London Calling”

Now that the 2012 London Olympic Games have come to an end, I am seeing signs of “Brit” inspiration in so many places. I love all the connections to the essence of “ British Cool” and 60’s London Rock culture. “Brit Chic” is captured in  the Fab Four  cocktail ottoman by C.R.Laine, a tapestry style ode

Young Duo Turning Heads at Creative Wallcoverings & Interiors

Andrea Daly and Kristin Badolato, better known as AndreaKristin Design Team, are two women in their late 20’s trying to pave their own path in the design industry. Both have Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from Kean University, an award winning Interior Design program, but they didn’t meet while attending college together. “We were working for

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