Sometimes, adding decor to our homes can be more difficult than we think. Strict apartment guidelines, the constantly changing tastes of children and teens, and the fear of ruining paint or not liking something can often prohibit our longing to add anything decorative to our walls.

Removable wall decals, such as the ones featured on Trendy Wall Designs can add artwork, color, and visual interest to any room, for a space that is both visually appealing and a representation of your own unique style.

kid-tranquility-tree-amb1Nurseries are the first place that you may want to consider adding wall decals. Fun animals, dreamy clouds and anything that will mentally and imaginatively stimulate your newborn can be added with the simplicity of a peel-and-stick decal. Children, of course, grow, and so do their tastes. A 6-year-old little girl may want to move from barnyard animals to princesses, and that can be as simple as peeling off the previous decals and adding some new ones to fit her style. Maybe your teenage boy has thoroughly grown out of the dinosaur theme you created with wall decals in his childhood bedroom, and wants to move on to some cool skating decals. That too, can be just as simple.

These kids growing up will also hopefully one day go on to college. Dorm rooms can often seem like tiny prison cells, and it is obviously against the rules to repaint the walls. Sometimes posters don’t cut it- and you don’t to risk having to pay extreme dorm damage fees because your young adult went a little overboard with their duct tape and posters, and accidentally ripped some paint off in the process. Decals can make any dorm feel a little more like home, even when one may be miles  away. Some wall decals even come with magnetic, dry-erase, or chalk writing capabilities, making it perfect for any student.

square-dot-decalsThe same problem goes for certain apartments. Some landlords refuse to let their residents repaint or hang anything from the walls for fear of damage. Though this may be very frustrating to new renters who would like their space to be a little colorful and fun, there are solutions, and Command hooks are not your only salvation. Wall decals can make any room feel like there is new wallpaper, paintings, and creative murals on your walls,making the space your own. Easy to peel off, the wall decals will also ensure your landlord’s happiness when you finally upgrade to a home where you can exercise more of your creative freedom.

Letting your personality and design taste show  may be difficult, especially with the rapidly changing tastes of children or the strict guidelines of college dorm rooms and apartments.Wall decals may be your saving grace in allowing your personal taste to shine through even in the bleakest of spaces.


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