What Are Double Glazed Sliding Doors?

The modern sliding doors are inspired from old school Japanese architecture, the precedent being Shoji and Fusuma being the traditional panel doors. The double glazed sliding doors are structured like a large glass window, but having the utility of a door. These doors slide open, as one of the two panels is fixed while the other is mobile. Some panel doors again move into wall pockets to create a hugely wide door access.

Double Glazed Sliding Doors

Nowadays, these double glazed sliding doors have become a standard element of modern architecture. These in fact, has become almost part and parcel of every house, new office spaces, hospitals, and even newly constructed government structures. Normal sliding or patio doors, which are glazed on both sides, i.e., the two-glass panes face each other, as if sandwiched, is known as double glazed sliding doors. The glass panes used to get the double glazed effect may be tinted or non- tinted. Mostly, the kind of glass panes used are non-tinted to make way for the natural light even when shut.

Why Are These Doors More Preferred?

  • These double glazed sliding doors are trending nowadays, by adding them, you add a contemporary touch to the entire look of your house or any other functional space in which you operate.
  • Moreover, these double glazed sliding doors are easy to operate.
  • These doors when open, creates an illusion of vast space even in a comparatively smaller room. Actually, these doors add more dimension to the functional space.
  • The frames of these doors can be of aluminum, wood or even other alloy metals. The double glazed portion is the glass panes, which face each other and contain vacuum within.
  • These doors in the long run can help you reduce your carbon footprint, as the aluminum frames of these doors can be recycled easily. All the materials that are present in this kind of door are suited for reuse in other products. Thus, have a positive impact on the environment.
  • There are two glass panes in these doors, which are sandwiched together. However, there is a hollow or void inside them. This vacuity acts as a natural insulation system. Once you heat up the room, it is not easy for the heat to escape soon. Thus, keep your room hotter for a long time, as compared to the ordinary doors.
  • Again, during summers the smoldering heat from outside will not be able to make easy access to your house. Once the room is cooled down, the room will not easily heat up. Thus, give you relief during hot summer months.
  • This insulation in turn, helps in reducing the amount of energy otherwise utilized. Thus, save on money.

Double Glazed Doors

  • Double-glazing also reduces the chances of noise entering or leaving the house or office space or any other functional space. The noise levels drastically reduce inside. Thus, create a noise free and work friendly, peaceful area.
  • These doors have a strong appearance. In fact, these are more than suitable for heavy-duty work, as all frame joints are interlocked.
  • The vacuum in between the glass panes actually are helpful. These spaces between the panes will not have dust or dirt build up inside them. These doors are easy to clean. Just wiping it with a clean piece of cloth or duster will help in maintaining its original form and sheen.
  • The double glazed sliding doors are easily available in the market. In fact, these can be ordered online too. These are available in various price ranges to suit all budgets. These doors perfectly serve many a purpose.

Hence, these doors are mostly gaining popularity.