Interested in going for a royal rustic look? Wood is your option. Wood is becoming a common choice for people now days because of the flooring materials durability, and easy restorability. However, when it comes to maintaining it we need a sealing treatment for it. The wood that is sold for flooring purpose is protected against termites, rot etc. Periodic maintenance of the floor must be done to maximize protection against weathering.


Selecting the right kind of timber flooring would mainly rely upon its price, color and its expected performance that can provide for a long term satisfaction. Prior to getting the high quality timber floor installed keep in mind, the leveling the floor is important to avoid any problems while installation. Timber flooring is different and no other type of flooring can match up its uniqueness and beauty.

The look of this is increasing day by day, thanks to advanced technology. The floor may also have multi layering which further increase its strength. Also they have greater amount of strength. Newly installed floors make screech sound at the beginning but sometimes even after settling of the floors they may produce creaking noises in some areas which should not be ignored and special attention must be paid upon the same.

There can be different types of timber flooring including the ones as follows:

  • Solid timber flooring
  • Engineered timber
  • Recycled timber
  • Hardwood flooring


How to Select the Right Type of Timber Floor

 What warranties are given to the customers?

  • To what degree is the floor scratch resistant?
  • Is the product of good quality?



How to Get your Timber Floors Installed

 There are different ways of getting up timber floors installed which includes the below points:

  • Tongue-and-groove flooring is installed by glue, floating or nail down.
  • Click and Woodloc systems can be installed without using adhesives.
  • A floor connection system allows for different materials like wood and metals to be installed together if the connection system is the same.
  • Glue down method is the most popular method for installing high quality timber floor. The glue is spread on the floor and the wooden planks are placed over it.
  • Floating installation makes the planks locked together without using glue or nails.


Reasons for Deterioration of the Timber Floors

 Problems are caused because of

  • Changing level of moisture in the air.
  • Exposure to excessive natural light.
  • Creaking noise from time to time.
  • Dampness under the floor.
  • Non availability of intermediate expansion joints.
  • Non leveled floor



Tips that Help You Maintain your Timber Floors

  • Use dirt trapping mats in order to avoid dirt and sand into your rooms that can lead to wear and tear of your high quality timbers floors. This can help in preventing the scratches on the floor.
  • Fit protective pads under your tables and chairs or material that can lead to scratching up the floor in order to avoid surface damage.
  • Wood changes its color if kept under direct sunlight. In order to prevent the floor from changing color and retaining the same, use curtains that can obstruct the path of sunlight entering your rooms.
  • Use humidifiers in case of places where there are chances of moisture variations as excess moisture can bring about cracks in the floor.
  • High heel shoes must be avoided on these floors as they can lead to making dents at the surface of the floor.
  • Do not use household detergents as they are harsh and lead to spoilage of the floors.
  • Use good quality mops for cleaning up the floors.


After reading this information about timber flooring you definitely realize its importance in your home renovation.