If you want to decorate your house? Timber sliding doors are the best options, you will get. It gives your house a complete new and an aesthetically pleasing look. They have considerably a prolonged Timber sliding door make your living room look spacious and trendy. Houses with little spaces can fairly utilize this design. The combination of these doors could vary from just two to six doors. Such doors are best placed for the easy availability of open outdoor places like terrace, garden, backyard or some poolside.

The dual seals and the Snibs provide solid security serving as an ideal option for your house as there won’t be any possibilities of break-ins. The hardwood makes the doors wear resistance and long lasting. The rollers also ensure smooth and effortless movement of the sliding doors.

Benefits and Advantages of Timber Sliding Doors:

  • Style and Aesthetics:

A timber sliding door is the best component to use for an aesthetically pleasing house. Timber, in itself, is very elegant and when these timber doors are sliding, they give your house a posh look. You can enjoy a good panoramic view from your living room due to the presence of large and wide glass panes. One can sense the feeling of being a part of nature as the timber doors looks truly a natural one. You can choose these doors for your garden or backyard. They give the simple, mundane doors a simple and sleek look that amazingly blends with almost many “architectural styles” and they also act as a very practical, realistic and functional design that allows the maximum entry of fresh air, relaxing and soothing natural light, provides you with majestic outdoor views and “easy functionality”. For instance, a solid and stained in dark color timber door endows a place with guise of prosperity and elegance. Such doors can complement timber furniture very well.

  • Insulation

Timber, being a natural insulator, aids you in cutting off on your energy costs while cooling or heating a place like your office or house. Unlike other good conductors of heat, timber keeps your office or residence warmer in Winters and cooler in Summers. Sliding doors with an amalgamation of gaskets provide with “optimal thermal insulation” which acts as sound and weather barrier, and effectively keeps rain and dust and foreign particles out of office and home.

  • Longevity:

The lifespan of timber is usually quite long and thus, they are easily repairable and are of high quality. It can keep on giving decent service even after sustaining some blows, unlike aluminum doors or other metals which require replacement after any damage. Timber doors are a long-term and permanent investment on which you can rely on.

  • Eco-friendly:

Unlike sophisticated materials, timber doors are eco-friendly.  It has a long stretch of lifespan and is highly sustainable. It also takes up a lot less energy to transform into building materials which can be used. Such sliding doors made of timber are not only incredibly durable but are also renewable and are usually good insulators.

  • Security:

The dual seals, snibs and a “hook-over locking mechanism” that stops the ‘sliding leaf’ of the sliding doors from being taken out of its frame. These are tantamount to prevent any kind of break-ins providing complete security.

  • Space Management:

Timber sliding doors do not have any hinges. They glide along a path or a track instead of opening wide ajar. This does not take up any extra space.

  • Flexible and Easily Accessible:

Sliding doors move smoothly and easily on their rails gliding open. This can prove to be an easy access to your backyards, gardens and terraces which can be really handy while relaxing. Any kind of sliding doors, be it Timber or any other, acts as a buffer between the inside and the outside. It creates a “seamless flow” and blends both your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s good for children too as they get to play and spend their time outside while still being in the safety of the house. Choosing glazing for timber sliding doors that provides many realistic and practical benefits, like minimizing the harmful effects of the UV rays is the best feature of timber sliding doors.