While it’s no doubt that the days of fully wallpapered homes are far behind us, wallpaper has not entirely gone out of style. In fact, in recent years, wallpaper sales have been going up!

And with good reason: adding wallpaper to a room enhances depth, texture, pattern, color, and, of course, style. Whether it’s one wall or all four, wallpaper adds a unique flair to any room that may be otherwise lacking some visual stimulation. With all this in mind, here are four different avenues to explore the use of wallpaper in your home.

For those afraid of commitment:
Still not sold on the whole idea of a long-term change to the walls of your home? Not a problem! Try this not-so-permanent removable wallpaper out for a try. With various colors and patterns to choose from, you are sure to find something you’ll love, without having to make a lasting commitment.

See how this feels:
Perhaps a colored or patterned wallpaper isn’t something you’re interested in, and you prefer the cooler and monochromatic tones. You can still add interest with wallpaper in a more tactile way by using texture. From faux-stone to even roll on beadboard, you can maintain visual elegance and simplicity, without sacrificing your unique style.

Stencil-wallpaperEverybody loves an accent:
Committing to a fully wallpapered room sounds too intimidating? If that’s the case, try a new pattern or color out on an accent wall. By using complimentary hues that align with the room’s existing paint, furniture, and accessories, this wallpaper will both make its own statement and pull the room together overall. Since you will just be using the wallpaper on one surface, you can make bolder choices in color and pattern, with less risk of overwhelming the room. Use it on the wall with the most square footage or with the most unique aspects to make the room seem bigger and to create the most drama.

Fake it ’til you make it:
Flashbacks from the 70s may be keeping your urge to try wallpaper at bay, and that’s okay. By using a stencil, you can create a faux-wallpaper affect on any wall you desire. By using a high-gloss or shiny paint, create a stencil pattern on your desired walls to fill in. The room will be instantly enhanced and you have the ease-of-mind of knowing: it’s just paint. Try this for a fully-wallpapered look, and accent wall, or even as a border.


Photos courtesy of Graham & Brown, Cutting Edge Stencils