Today’s buying, selling and home improvement trends often tell us that our gardens should be an extension of our homes.  And it’s quite true!  If you like your house ‘show home’ style, and ready for guests at a moment’s notice, why would you view your garden any differently?  But in the winter months do we really take as much notice of our outside space as we should?  Once autumn is over, our gardens often lack colour and vibrancy, and many of us neglect garden maintenance because there is no focus.


One way to combat this is to bring a little of our garden inside.  The right plants and planters can bring focus to our inside space, offering a feature for a cool conservatory, warmth and vitality to a lacklustre lounge or maybe just some bling to a boring bathroom!  And who says size matters?  Whether you want to fill the largest or smallest of spaces, there are an array of products on the market.

You may be thinking about selling your home, or simply staying put and improving your surroundings.  The beauty of planters is that they’re portable.  Take them with you when you move, or simply move them around; inside during the winter when your plants may need protection from the harsh weather, and outside to create a beautiful space for entertaining or relaxation during the warmer months.

But if you don’t have green fingers, planters can be a fabulous introduction to the horticultural world.  What may work for you can be a trial and error exercise, but once you have established what fits in with your lifestyle, the possibilities are endless!

If you are bringing plants indoors over the winter, remember to place them in a bright location.  Even cleaning your windows may help let a little more natural light in which will help your plants thrive.  Watering is also vital so remember to feed them when the soil is dry.  Outside plants will draw moisture from the atmosphere as well as from watering but with today’s modern central heating, the atmosphere inside can be dry and moisture free so it’s important that care is taken and you check your plants regularly.

A NASA study has proven that houseplants can improve our health and wellbeing.  We all know that plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen – placing a few well-chosen plants could be ideal for you if you are prone to colds or headaches – they act as natural humidifiers!  Other benefits include reduced stress levels due to their calming effect; you can benefit from more restful sleep (Gerberas, succulents and orchids are best for this, as photosynthesis is halted during night-time due to lack of light) and a general improvement in air quality. Plants can help to remove a range of pollutants from the air we breathe, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are chemicals that can be found in some products, including paint that are released as gasses at room temperature. According to NASA, Peace Lilies, English Ivy, Golden Pothos, Azalea, Bamboo Palm and Chrysanthemum, are amongst some of the best plants for combatting air pollutants.

Curb appeal may be at its lowest during the winter, but there really is no reason why we shouldn’t have the ‘wow factor’ when a visitor steps through our door.  And with today’s focus on becoming ‘greener’ and more environmentally friendly, plants and planters inside the home really are a must have!