Mantoloking-18lowres1A chandelier often becomes the focal point of a room, entryway, or hallway, particularly when it is fully illuminated. The eyes are immediately drawn to its presence, making everything else in the room take second stage. Since your choice determines just how pleasing the chandelier’s appearance is, you’ll want to study your options carefully or speak with your interior designer about blending your selection in with the area’s existing style and ambiance.

Style Selection | To create the most successful presentation, your chandelier should match the existing style of décor and interior design. For example, if your home is currently featuring a traditional look, you’ll want to choose a lighting fixture with the same style features.

Functionality & Mood | Lighting is intended to provide one of three purposes – task, general, or mood illumination. Task lighting provides sufficient illumination to accomplish specific types of tasks. For example, hanging the fixture directly over the dining table is intended to enhance the ability to see what it is that you are eating, while a lighting fixture in a hallway is meant to provide general illumination that allows you to see sufficiently enough to travel safely through the area. Mood lighting, on the other hand, requires low illumination such as that which a dimmer control can provide.

Sizing Concerns | An oversized chandelier can look out of place, particularly in cramped quarters, such as small rooms or areas filled with an abundance of furnishings. On the other hand, large-sized chandeliers are suitable for open rooms with spacious width and length dimensions, particularly if the furniture in the room is also on the larger side.

Budgetary Concerns | Depending on the materials and design features utilized in their construction, chandeliers can be expensive. If you have any budgetary concerns, discuss them with your interior designer or take additional time to find a fixture that meets your needs.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Chandelier for Your Home | When you purchase a chandelier, you should attempt to match its style and size so that it blends well with the existing décor in the space. You select the fixture so that it provides the type of lighting needed for the area, while also sticking to your financial budget.