Leaving behind the boring curtains and blinds, louver window shutters or blinds are becoming a common and preferred option in various homes and buildings. These shutters comprise of horizontal slats, unlike the traditional curtains, which perform the useful function of letting in light and air, and keeping out direct sunshine and rain. These adjustable or fixed blinds are a great option especially in children’s bedrooms. Since a child’s bedroom is designed with child-friendly fixtures and furnishings, keeping in mind their likes and requirements, a louver shutter for the windows is a great choice owing to its various features and functions.

Kid-friendly features of a louver window shutter

The factors of a louver blind and the functions performed by it that makes it suitable to be installed in a child’s bedroom include the following:

  1. Privacy:
    Since louver shutters cover a window completely from top to bottom, they help greatly in maintaining privacy for your kids by acting as a barrier from the outside area. You can either go for an adjustable or a permanent shutter according to your privacy and security requirements.Louvered Window Shutters.


  1. Light:
    Since the louvers of a window shutter are adjustable and can be opened and closed to any height as you like, it helps in controlling the amount of outside light you wish to let inside the room. It is great for small children as well as who can take a comfortable nap in the daytime with the shutter blocking out any outside sunlight.


  1. Noise:
    Just like filtering the sunlight, these shutters also help in blocking any outside noise from getting inside, thereby ensuring a calm and quiet environment for your child. This is again a great respite for parents who wish for a comfortable and uninterrupted nap time for their kids.


  1. Easy to Clean:
    Since a children’s bedroom is always messy with the kids playing around with colors and toys and so on, parents prefer designing the room with furnishings which are easy to clean and maintain and experience minimum damage. A louver shutter is a great choice for such parents as it fulfils their demands of easy cleaning and maintaining.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal:
    In addition to its functional properties and characteristics, louver shutters are also aesthetically pleasing and stylish. Since children’s bedrooms are designed with vibrant colors and hues, along with funky furnishings and accessories that enhance the kid’s personality, such shutters are a great choice for a kid’s bedroom. These perfectly add to the style quotient of the room, increasing its appeal. You can choose one in different colors and styles that matches the theme of the room.Louvered Window Shutters


  1. Insulation:
    According to the material of shutter you choose, you can improve the insulation properties of your kid’s bedroom. For example, while wooden and vinyl shutters are insulating, thermalities shutters are about three times insulating than these materials. It is also durable and fire-resistant, making it a perfect option for a child’s bedroom.


  1. Airflow:
    Since louver shutters are adjustable, they can be used to control the airflow from outside in the room. It is a great respite in summer evenings when the child can adjust the position of the louvers to an angle which allows the sufficient amount of air from coming inside the room.

Thus, these functions performed by louver window shutters make them a perfect option for a kid’s bedroom, playroom, or nursery. Since such blinds can be subject to constant opening and closing in a child’s bedroom, make sure you get these shutters from a reputable and trusted brand that offers quality products only to prevent constant repair.