Kitchen is the integral part of every home and we can consider it as the heart of the home where delicious meal is cooked for family and friends and where all the loved ones can bond together. Thus kitchen is a very special place for home owners and then taking a very personal interest in their kitchen design and renovations project.


If you are all set to deck up your kitchen but don’t know where to start from, we are here! We are going to share with some great kitchen design and renovations ideas.

  • If you are a pioneer of cleanliness, go with an all white look. Throw in an antique mirror on the wall. Make ample space for simple kitchen cabinets, crockery stand. Run kitchen tops on either side of the walls. If you have a good width for your kitchen, you can add an island at the center of the kitchen. Introduce a low hanging chandelier over this island! Get your window done tall. It could be just a 2feet window but you need to make sure that the height is 5 feet to 6 feet.
  • If you are not sure of white, try the off white look. Make a U shaped bench top by giving enough space for your kitchenware. Make glass kitchen cabinets and hand enough hinges in order to display all your kitchen equipment that you need handy. Ensure that your oven is integrated in the kitchen when you are designing your U shaped layout. The sink should be at least 2 feet away from the electrical equipments. Go for a granite bench top. It looks attractive and it is very easy to clean as well. You need to make sure that you have enough drawers and cupboards beneath the U shaped layout. You could add space for your culinary books as well.  Don’t make cupboard or cabinets over the cook top as the grease would make these cupboards look dirty. It could be cleaned but the maintenance time invested here is high. This works wells for a small kitchen area.cwi-img2
  • If you don’t like these ideas, try the contemporary woody look. Use timber for the flooring, walls roof, cabinet’s large wooden cupboards, and large center dining table. You can also hang your pans in a very rustic old fashion way above the dining table. What a look this creates! Remember, Old is new! Opt for square windows at least 2 of them.
  • The next idea would impress all of you who are artistic or appreciate art. You can opt for cream colored interiors; get artists to create a unique Indian floral art the walls and roof in a mono color. This look works for a kitchen which is narrow and long. Introduce a really high dining table and chairs. Since the width is lesser, add one rectangular window to let good sunlight and air! If you can make up your mind for a barrel valuated ceiling, it will give you the look of a royal kitchen!cwi-img3
  • If you have a large area and the kitchen happens to be overlooking your garden, you have a great kitchen theme! Secure your area from the outside and be confident to go for an open kitchen. Paint everything grey, walls, cabinets, and floor. Introduce a rectangular island and add a half a dozen low hanging lights over it. Since you have the garden on the other side, add a big dining table to entertain guests and family. Oh what fun – everyday you can enjoy your dinner in style!


Do you like the art of Thailand, China, and Indonesia? If so, you must visit there if not for ordering from artisans all the way from there! Decorate the walls with this art work. Create a mixture of culture and tradition. Go for your favorite colored theme for your bench top cabinets etc. Make a rough edged, wood finish for the roof. Add big trunks of wood to support the wooden roof. Show off your chinaware.

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