Reupholstering is the term used for changing the upholstery of your existing furniture pieces like the couch, ottoman, chairs, and other parts. The idea of changing the upholstery in the first place is that you want to give your home a new look. It could be because you want something that is brighter in color or even you want to opt for a cooler print or because the older upholstery is worn out.


Here Are Some Tips on Choosing the Right Fabric for This Purpose:

#1. Cotton

This is the most popular reupholstering fabrics because of the simple reason that it is easy to use, is natural, and the option of cleaning the same is much simpler than any other fabric. You can easily go for a print or even embroidery or pick something else. Cotton is a stable fabric in this reference – it implies that you are able to get a better cloth material for the sofa that will not slip easily. Plus, during the warmer months or even for warmer climates, this is a sensible option. Besides, this cotton is also budget-friendly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • You can easily go for removable reupholstering covers rather than changing the entire upholstery. So, these can be used for regular use while the silk or stain stays underneath.
  • If going for permanent upholstery, do choose designs that give a rich finish because regular cotton might not sustain here.


#2. Satin

Sheeny and shiny satin is also a popular choice for reupholstering. This is more suited for individuals who like to get a different look for their homes with a touch of glamour. However, stain does tend to get slippery. So, you should find something that is slightly thicker. Remember that satin would seem different in daylight as compared to the evening. So, pick shades that work for both periods or else the color could seem rather stark and bold in the natural light.

  • Options for reupholstering with satin include prints too, but you will rarely find embroidery here, as the material is not heavy enough to sustain the same.
  • Some problem with shine is that it can seem to change color under different kinds of light. So, do buy the material only after scrutinizing the same in both natural and artificial lights.

Reupholstering Fabrics

#3. Fleece

This is a popular reupholstering option for individuals who live in the colder climates. Fleece provides a thick and rather warm coating solution for upholstery. Fleece too is available in a plethora of colors and shades that gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of designs. Fleece also tends to last much longer as compared to satin or even silk. With fleece, there are no other issues as difficult cleaning or not being able to use the laundry machine, as this is a machine-friendly fabric. Thus, a perfect solution to your cleaning problem.

On the whole, when you are considering the options for reupholstering, then the fabric choices should be made with a lot of thought. How dirty does the apartment or living room get? Do you have kids and want to avoid white? Apart from this, you must pick reupholstering fabrics with affordable price. You don’t want to spend a lot on upholstery if you plan to change it every few years. Another aspect that a lot of individuals fail to consider when going for reupholstering is the vacuuming part. Avoid ones that have loose threads or too much of work because this can make the entire process of cleaning rather cumbersome. So, keep these details in mind and enjoy the most of your new decor.