Just like the fashion world, interior design has a lot of fun new trends.  Walk around any mall and you will see the latest in candles, lights, throws, tablecloths, etc., and in this season’s colors, shapes and textures.

You can switch out your throw pillows in the spring for light breezy summer shades that coordinate with your room.  Bring in that fresh meadow lime green for a pop in the summer, or any summer hue that matches your couch or chairs.  Any of your accessories can be changed from warm winter colors to the cool colors of summer.

But keep the trends to accessories.   Trends are safe for accent pieces also, but in furniture, area rugs, and other expensive investments, it is wiser to buy classic pieces.  The trend accessories and accent pieces will make your room look much more dated within a year or two.  You certainly don’t want to replace your furniture every year or so.

It’s fun to change out your trending pieces without too much expense.  It lets the room get a bit of an inexpensive lift, a small change that updates your classic pieces.