Screen doors overlap another door. The screen doors can be constructed in the form of a sliding, a stacker or even a hinged door. They are built with a protective mesh and a sturdy frame around it. The mesh acts as a repellent against insects, birds or any kind of rubble and debris. These screens were also used in windows.

Before the utilization of steel wired mesh, screen doors were built with cheesecloth and put up on windows.

Screen doors are very common nowadays. The mesh that is used are made with several materials such as aluminium, vinyl-coated fibreglass, solar, copper bronze, insect screen, etc. Each of them is used for very different reasons.

Steel wires became popular after the cheesecloth. People often nail these wired webbings onto wooden frames and hinge them outside their main door. This way they could talk to any stranger who visited their house through this netting before they could let them in.

Reasons To Put Screen Doors

The most important reason for every household to install screen doors is protection from disease carrying insects and flies. During warm or wet seasons, insects that can cause serious health hazards are very common. It is very important that people must think of solutions to keep them at bay. This makes an excellent option. In areas with humid climate, people can construct screen doors because it not will not only act as an insect repellent but also allow air to circulate within the house. This will reduce your chances of getting infected or taking any medication. There are certain screen doors that have security system integrated in them which keeps thieves and robbers away.

There Are Several Other Benefits To Constructing Screen Doors

  • Privacy– The Screen doors provide a great level of privacy due to the thickness of the mesh material which only allows the person on the inside to see what is happening outside. This allows you to open your doors, allow some ventilation, enjoy the view outside and take a great deal of comfort in the fact that there is no one watching you.
  • Security– Such doors add security and protection to your house. Although they are more expensive when it comes to normal doors and screen doors, they are definitely worth the investment. Usually they can be unlocked with a combination key.
  • Health Safety– These screen doors keep insects at bay and prevents any hazardous diseases. They also keep pollution, debris and dust particles away reducing the chances of lung diseases.
  • Ventilation– Screen doors can improve ventilation by allowing fresh air into the house. Some screen doors have filtered mesh that keeps unwanted particles away. Allowing more air to enter the house with many screen doors, the cross-air ventilation improves specially during scorching summer days.
  • Natural Light– The risk of robberies and crimes make it harder to keep doors and windows open to allow fresh light and air into the house. People usually prefer installing screen doors before they can keep their doors open to allow natural lighting in to the house.
  • All rounded Comfort– With the guarantee for security, privacy, health safety and natural lights in to the house, these screen doors provides a value added and all rounded comfort to your homes.
  • Customised– Screen doors can nowadays be customized according to various needs. People also prefer installing screen doors when they have a pet at home, who like to go on walks on their own. Depending on the size of the pet, these screen doors can be customised.

Hence, it is clear that screen doors are quite popular with the people dur to the numerous benefits that they provide.