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Can’t stop thinking about werewolves and vampires? Express your love for all things Twilight by giving your child’s nursery a creative and dramatic touch with Cullen-style appeal.

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1. A Majestic Vampire Princess 
The dramatic angular ceiling covered in romantic purple fabric resembles the inside of a vampire’s coffin. Continuing with the purple theme, this elegant nursery mixes shiny and dull materials, representing the contrast between Edward Cullen’s sparkling flesh and Bella’s human skin. Could this be a play on Renesmee being half human/half vampire? >>>

2.The Italian Volturi Lair
The yellow-patterned walls combined with the antique-looking iron crib give this vampire’s lair Venetian festival appeal. This nursery is fit for royalty — or at least the Italian Volturi coven. >>>

3. King of the Pack
For the growing children, this loft-style bedroom is open and spacious enough for the energy, strength and speed of a human, werewolf or vampire. Climb the ladder to the loft to hide from mind readers like Alice Cullen, or feel protected in the hanging bubble chair (perhaps like being protected by Bella’s vampire power). >>>

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