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The walk-in closet may not be the most visited room in the home, but that doesn’t mean it deserves less attention than any other room.

We go inside our closets everyday to pick out an outfit, so don’t let our clothes be the only trendy thing inside. Let’s make our walk-in closets’ designs trendy as well. How do we do this?

Pick a general atmosphere for the closet. It could be open and cheerful, modern and simple or sleek and luxurious. Whatever the chosen atmosphere, we must decide on lighting and colors. Natural lighting is one option. Placing windows or skylights within or throughout the closet can open up the room, making it seem more spacious. If natural lighting doesn’t fit your tastes, you may want to incorporate lighting that will make the room shine, such as chandeliers or intriguing floor lamps.

Walk-in Closet Light

When it comes to colors, there are two routes that we could take: bright or dark colors. Choosing bright, colorful tones to fill your walk-in closet can provide a playful or light atmosphere, while darker tones can accentuate the luxury and sleekness of the closet’s inhabitants.

Next, let’s decide how the room will be set up and organized. Walk-in closets come in all shapes and sizes—both in long and narrow spaces and roomy ones—and depending on the closet’s set up, you’ll need to find out the best way to organize your clothes, shoes and accessories. In some spaces, shelves and rods may do the trick. In other spaces, drawers and canvas storage boxes might work better. In more spacey closets, larger dressers and cabinets could do the job.

Walk-in Closet Organize

However, it’s the small, eye-catching details that matter the most when it comes to making your walk-in closet exceptionally trendy. The carefully chosen pieces of furniture will accentuate your closet’s design and make it stand out. Floor-length or wall mirrors can be great accessories for walk-in closets; a vanity table would also be a nice addition to any spacey walk-in closet.

Walk-in Closet Mirror

A colorfully patterned bench in the middle of the room or a few upholstered chairs around the closet could provide your space with a place to sit, as well as a pop of color. Carpets and rugs also add special touches to the room, adding color, patterns and texture.

Walk-in Closet Bench

Whatever you decide to do with your walk-in closet, keep in mind that its design is just as important as the clothes within it.

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