The kitchen is the heart of the home: a place to cook and share a meal, to entertain friends, gather as a family and even pay bills or do homework.

“From a decor perspective, the kitchen is the perfect place to get colorful,” Rachel Kapner, president of Creative Wallcoverings and Interiors, “Vibrant colors are a great way to reflect and reinforce the high energy of your home’s central gathering place.”

No need for a complete overhaul to bring the energy to  your kitchen. Start with some strategically selected splashes of color in countertop appliances, cookware, dinnerware, candles, placemats and other linens.

“ASPIRE NJ Magazine Editor-In-Chief Amy Sneider informs us that the hotcolors spring are warm hues like tangerine and butterscotch” “ And those are perfect for kitchens because they’re comforting and actually stimulate appetite,” explains Kapner. “A lot of the fun comes in blending old favorites and new shades in fresh, innovative ways.” Color palettes that industry insiders recommend for spring 2011 include:

Rustic revival: Relaxed and informal, this palette is inspired by nature and features colors pulled from the outdoors. Shades such as basil, eggplant and copper help create a cozy space reminiscent of the past and simpler times. For a new spin on a traditional rustic color scheme, Rachel suggests pairing a deep, earthy hue with accents of cool pink.

Bold expression: Exuding optimism, this palette creates a look that is both unconventional and energetic. Unique color mixes, such as intense purple combined with butterscotch and Capri blue, or sunny orange with dark red balanced against a soft neutral like champagne, create a space that’s eclectic, yet warm and welcoming. Rachel recommends mixing patterns, textures and styles for a one-of-a-kind look.

Classic elegance: Lois Darling a 15 year veteran design pro from  the Creative Wallcoverings Team adds that Evoking the look of 17th century Versailles, this color palette will give your kitchen a serene, elegant look. Traditional shades like lavender, turquoise, antique pink and bronze can be combined with touches of richer colors like peacock, charcoal and delicious red for a more contemporary look.

World market: With the explosion of technology, the world has suddenly become a much smaller place. This modern palette reflects the new global outlook with  accents in colors from other cultures, such as the calm oranges and yellows of India, the bright reds of the Far East, and the Capri blue of the Mediterranean. Virginia Liberato of the CWI Design Team suggests grounding these bright colors with black, white, silver or brushed stainless.

“In the final analysis, it’s all about doing what you like and surrounding yourself with the colors that make you happy,” concludes Sneider.

Long recognized as a leader in the colorful kitchen revolution, Creative Wallcoverings has agreements with top kitchenware manufacturers, granite and stone fabricators, and accessories from major brands that can be customized to every color.