W E L C O M E   T O  T H E  W A L L
As with everything we do at CWI – the WALL is custom designed and presented to our loyal friends, customers and subscribers of New Jersey’s cutting edge home magazine ASPIRE.Each edition of the WALL is fused together by the talented design staff of CWI, the editors and writers of ASPIRE NJ Magazine and integrated with information and ideas from  trendsetters and designers the world over.At CWI we want you to know when we say we handle all the details – we mean all the details. Many of the products that we will bring you in each edition of the WALL are in stock or readily accessible to us for customization, we know that there will always be some that are not.Please do not hesitate to ask us about any products that you see featured in the newsletter even if they are products that we do not carry. Your CWI Staff Designer will HANDLE THE DETAILS for you in obtaining products sourced in the WALL or for that matter any magazine or website that has something that you absolutely love. And, by purchasing your products from CWI, we will be able to provide an on-site consultation to make sure that everything will fit just right and provide you with guidance with the accessories that you will want to include with your new acquisition.

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