King-Size Beds are beds of the widest standard size to be found on the market, and generally measures 76” from one side to another. A king size bed offers the same amount of space that two twin beds can offer when placed side by side. These come in varied sizes, which are ideal according to the choice of buyers. Each of these is big enough to accommodate people with their family. These can let you move freely in any side and enjoy good rest and sleep. There are different kind of king size beds available in the market and you need to choose the best one for your family. In this case, you can also customize these beds according to your needs and you can contact the manufacturer of these beds for more details.

Find out about the 3 types of king-sized beds here:

King Size bed

#1. Western style king size bed

These are referred to as “Western King” style beds, and measures 84 X 72 inches (length x breadth). When compared to standard king-size beds, these are longer and narrower in size. These are ideal for those who do not fit comfortably on Standard king-size beds. The beds are meant for heavy weight people and come with flat sheets with the same type of size. These are more comfortable than standard beds.

Although these beds are becoming commoner with time, you cannot still spot them too often. Generally, western style king-size beds and accessories are costlier than standard king-size beds. These measure 214 cm by 183 cm (84 inches by 72 inches). The beds can be found generally in master bedrooms and are larger in size than queen size beds. If you want to add some storage space in your bed, then you can customize these beds and add some cabinets underneath of these beds.

#2. Standard King Size beds

Also referred to as Eastern king beds, these are the commonest in style among king-sized beds. The frames are 80 by 76 inches in dimensions, and these beds are suitable for two people. The beds are similar to Queen Size beds, although just wider than 16 inches. Those sleeping on these beds have a 38-inch space, which is sufficient to accommodate two to three people.

King-Size bed

As standard king-sized beds are bigger in size, these are costlier in form. Mattresses for beds of this size can also be more expensive than queen sized beds. King size bed is found generally in master bedrooms, and it is quite large when compared to Full Size or Queen Size beds.

#3. Split King Size bed

King size beds of this type are perfect for satisfying varied bedroom requirements, and you should select a bed that can match your specific needs. You can find dual king or split king mattresses coming in 2 pieces instead of just one. Each piece is around as big as a twin bed mattress. It is for split kings that manufacturers design Split king bedding sets.

Split king beds are popular for being versatile and are ideal to be used in Master bedrooms or Guest rooms. This makes them perfect for people who need a separate bed to sleep in. Beds of these types are designed to have two twin mattresses of extra-long size. The beds are 80 inches in length and 76-78 inches in width, which makes similar in size as a standard king bed.

All 3 types of beds are large in size. Any type of king size bed needs extra space. Thus, these kinds of beds are perfect to put in master bedrooms. You can contact the manufacturer and take the measurement of your bedroom first, and then you can customize these beds according to your needs.