Handrails are important components of staircase since they offer stability and protection to the person who is climbing up the stairs. Handrails are also the part of interior decoration of the home and play a vital role in influencing the looks of the living space. Thus, it is important to choose the material for handrails carefully. Timber handrails for stairs never go out of fashion. Although there can be various other materials like stainless steel or aluminum that may be used for handrails but wood and timber are the best options. Adding timber handrails to the stairs can add sophistication and a touch of class to the home.

Timber Handrails for Stairs

If there were no handrails in the staircase, then do consider adding the handrails for safety and security reasons. Proper handrail can improve the level of safety. You may showcase your skill, creativity by choosing the timber material. The material choice will fabulously add a new dimension to the home.

Why You Need to Be Choosy About the Material of The Handrail?

If you can check out a couple of decor magazines, you will find a lot many handrail designs and handrail material options. Surfing the net can show you innumerable designs. But, you cannot just choose any material you want. The material option must be as per the interior of the home, your budget and per the trend. Just like the trend in clothes keep on changing, the trend in interior designing also keeps changing. Timber is one such material, which is never goes out of fashion. You can complement the timber handrails by choosing perfect designs and some fixtures here and there. Make sure your chosen handrail for stairs complement the design of the entire home. Regardless of the present trend, a timber handrail will always stay in fashion.

Handrail for Stairs

Timber Adds a Modern and Unique Touch to The Home

There are various kinds of woods you may use for the handrails. The type of wood you choose and the color option you go for depends on the interior of your home. Timber handrails can add a touch of class to the home. So, to give a modern touch to the home and to add a contemporary element to your home, you must go for timber handrails for stairs. The timber material is particularly meant for handrails and balustrading. In fact, timber handrail is sturdy for the hands and pleasing for the senses.

Timber Handrails Are Durable

When compared to other options, timber handrails are durable and sturdy. They have more strength than other materials. The design of the handrail can be chosen as per the interior. Timber can bear more weight.

Timber Handrails

Tips on Handrails Installation

  • When you are opting for timber handrails or choosing any other material option, make sure the height is reasonable. The handrail must not be too short. Indeed, if there are kids in the home, you need to be more careful about the design and height of the handrail.
  • Try to create ornamental designs with the timber handrails and add a wow factor to the staircases. The material option is flexible and thus you may let your imagination go wild when it comes to designing.
  • Make sure the measurement is done properly. You can get in touch with a professional. The installation of the handrails must go on smoothly.

Previously, the handrail for stairs served only utility purposes but now they are designed as real decorative pieces. They have really become a form of art nowadays. You can check online for the unique design ideas. Get custom-made handrails designed by the professionals.