W11thstreet-1-1024x768If you are buying new furniture for your home, it is more than likely that you’ll want it to last ten or more years. The best way to ensure that it will last is to purchase items from one of the top furniture brands, such as Restoration Hardware, Edra, Poliform, Henredon, Fendi Casa, Boca do Lobo, Kartell, or Christopher Guy. If you are looking for a specific style, such as contemporary or traditional, you might want to speak with your interior designer to see what your options are. In addition to buying from a top brand, you can use the following strategies to help you determine how good the quality of a particular piece of furniture is.

Furniture Joints | Quality furniture features joints that have been screwed into place rather than nailed. If you see staples, you probably don’t want to purchase that particular piece of furniture.

Upholstery & Springs | If you are looking at an upholstered piece of furniture, check to make sure that the springs on it, if any, have been tied by hand. If you can’t tell on your own, you should ask whoever is showing you the furniture.

Finish on Wooden Pieces | When you consider wooden furniture for your home, be sure to look at the finish carefully. A quality piece of furniture features a smooth finish with an even appearance. It doesn’t have any stickiness or cloudiness to it.

Furniture Weight | Solid pieces of furniture that are crafted with a hardwood frame should feel heavy. It shouldn’t be easy for you attempt to lift the piece from one corner. If the piece has been constructed well, you won’t hear squeaking or feel shifting of any kind when you move the furniture. The best test is to actually sit on the furniture.

Fabric | If you are purchasing an upholstered piece of furniture, run your hand along the fabric in search of imperfections. You shouldn’t be able to feel any if the piece has been made well. Moreover, the fabric should remain in place while you are running your hand along it. Look for interruptions in the pattern as well.